China wants you to win-win

we peacefully invade, we peacefully kill

All we want is

peaceful win-win

Beware of Chinese Salami Slicing

Our peaceful win-win consists of the following steps:

Step 1

We will peacefully invade 1000 meters into your territory.

Step 2

Before you recognize it, we will build peaceful military establishments, roads and runways in the invaded territory.

Step 3

When your border patrol questions us, we will ambush your innocent soldiers and peacefully kill them. And then our dear "wolf warrior" diplomats will blow some smoke.

Step 4

Oh, a few of our soldiers will die when you fight back. But thats ok, because we dont care much for our own soldiers? We dont even bury them respectfully. So good luck fighting them.

Step 5

The fighting will have to stop at sometime because when your soldiers die, the public opinion will become against your government

Step 6

When enough of your soldiers have died, you will compromise. We will agree to move 100 meters behind, and declare those 100 meters as "no-patrol zones"

Step 7

Once your patrols do not come into these 100 meters, we will force a few civilians to build homes in the 900 meters we peacefully invaded. Our civilians always listen to us, or else we will peacefully put them in a concentration camp, and peacefully reeducate them.

Step 8

Give it a few months, and the 900 meters we peacefully invaded becomes "sacred chinese territory for centuries"

Step 9

Oh by the way, since our civilians live in the 900 meters, we know you wont invade, shell or bomb this civilian settlment areas. Our soldiers will be guarding this citizens, mostly to make sure they dont run away from the settlements. Some ungrateful civilians do, but almost always we reeducate them and bring them back

Step 10

After a few months, when you finally give up on our initial invasion, we will peacefully invade for second time another 1000 meters of your territory. And the cycle repeats.

You see how peaceful this win-win is !!!?

All we dont understand why none of our 12 neighbors want to peacefully win-win with us. In your mind, did you just call us a bully...? Uggh..  you are such a racist pig  !    种族猪 ☠ ⚠ #$@%* !


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