India's border is with Tibet, not China

one china policy; a blatant lie

Tibet, East Turkestan (Xinjiang) & Inner Mongolia

independent countries, illegally occupied

One china policy is a lie. Chinese government frequently invades other countries, and then claims one china. The world needs to stop supporting this lie.

India-China border does NOT EXIST. Then why a conflict that kills our soldiers?

India China border is a lie. Then why Indian soldiers die there? Because Indians have been unknowingly supporting false Chinese propaganda for decades. Here are a few facts about Tibet and China:

Fact: In 1950, China illegally invaded Tibet (a sovereign free independent country).

Fact: China illegally invaded Tibet in 1950

Fact: For the last 70 + years, China has been engaging in Tibetan's suppression and genocide. Truth: For the past 70 + years, China has been committing genocide in Tibet.

history of tibet, wikipedia

Fact: Several thousands of monks are tortured and killed in Chinese custody each year.

Fact: Tibet is an independent nation. India has borders with Tibet India has no border with China. Stop the cruel occupation of Tibet Free Tibet. Truth: Tibet is a free nation.

India has borders with Tibet. India has no border with China. Stop the brutal occupation of Tibet. Be part of the free Tibet movement. If not for our innocent Tibetan brothers and sisters, then for us Indians. It will honor the lives of alive and martyred Indian Army Soldiers, Indo Tibetan border Policemen, and the Special Frontier Force Operatives.


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