Celebrating World First Aid Day with Survival Instincts in Tamil Nadu: An Event by Government FICCI.

Join us for the World First Aid Day Celebration presented by Survival Instincts and supported by Government of Tamil Nadu and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Indu!

We celebrated World First Aid Day with Survival Instincts at the Government of Tamil Nadu and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry event.

Celebrate World First Aid Day with Survival Instincts at the Tamil Nadu Government Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Indu Event.

Celebrate World First Aid Day with Survival Instincts at the Tamil Nadu Government Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Indu Event.

World First Aid Day Celebration by Survival Instincts, in an event by Government of Tamil Nadu and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), coorganized at Express Avenue by Fortis Malar Hospitals. The event was inaugurated on behalf of Government of Tamil Nadu by M Jayaraman IAD, Additional Commissioner, Department of Disaster Management and Mitigation, from Tamil Nadu Police by Joint Commissioner R Dhinakaran, and from FICCI, Ruban Hobday, chief of Tamil Nadu Chapter. CSG Marine Commandos, Navy Sailors, Chennai Traffic Police and volunteers from NSS and colleges attended the event on Saturday afternoon.

The Government of Tamil Nadu and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Industry (FICCI) recently celebrated World First Aid Day with an event hosted by Survival Instincts. The celebration was a way to raise awareness about the importance of first aid in saving lives, especially during medical emergencies. During this special occasion, Survival Instincts conducted several activities such as interactive sessions on basic life support techniques like CPR demonstrations regarding how to use safety equipment distribution kits containing essential items for emergency preparedness etc., which were well received by everyone present at the event. With these efforts it is hoped that more people will be equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for providing timely assistance when needed most.

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The American Red Cross Emergency First Responder training program is offered in India by Survival Instincts Company. This course provides professional instruction for individuals who want to become certified first responders and learn the necessary skills needed to help others during an emergency situation. The curriculum includes basic life support, medical assessment techniques, shock management and other relevant topics related to this field of study. Students will also gain knowledge on how best they can respond when faced with a disaster or health crisis that requires immediate action from them as well as those around them. Upon completion of the program, participants are eligible for certification through the American Red Cross which allows them greater opportunities within their chosen profession or career path involving lifesaving measures in emergencies situations both domestically and internationally.

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