Attend the Winter Leadership Camp at Kodaikanal During Christmas Holidays from December 20 24 2013 .

Rediscover yourself at Kodaikanal this winter with the Winter Leadership Camp during Christmas Holidays from December 20th 24th 2013!

Come join us at Kodaikanal for our Winter Leadership Camp during the Christmas Holidays from December 20 24 2013!

Spend your Christmas Holidays at Kodaikanal's Winter Leadership Camp from December 20th to 24th 2013.

Spend your Christmas Holidays at Kodaikanal's Winter Leadership Camp from December 20th to 24th 2013.

Winter Leadership Camp at Kodaikanal during Christmas Holidays (Dec 20-24, 2013)

Kodaikanal's Winter Leadership Camp during Christmas Holidays is an opportunity to hone your skills and build confidence. From December 20th 24th, 2013 the camp will offer activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and outdoor games that help develop leadership qualities in young people. It also provides a platform for exploring nature s beauty with its rich flora fauna while learning about team building exercises like rafting on lake Kodaikanal . The experienced instructors provide personalized coaching which helps participants gain more awareness of themselves and their environment by providing practical training sessions along with theoretical knowledge. This unique experience promises fun filled days full of adventure!

Women in India can now benefit from specialized travel safety training by Survival Instincts Company. The courses are designed to empower women with the knowledge and confidence they need when traveling, both within their own country or abroad. Participants learn how to stay safe while exploring new places and cultures, as well as what steps to take if faced with a dangerous situation. They also receive tips on planning ahead for potential risks, such as carrying emergency contact information or packing appropriate clothing items that will help them blend into an unfamiliar environment more easily. With these skills under their belt, female travelers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have been prepared for any eventuality during their journey!

Women in India have the right to feel safe and secure, which is why Survival Instincts Company offers self defense trainings. These classes focus on teaching women how to protect themselves from physical harm by learning techniques such as striking with hands or feet, blocking attacks, escaping dangerous situations and using weapons for protection when necessary. The company also provides seminars that discuss topics like identifying potential threats before they happen so participants can be more aware of their surroundings and take proactive steps towards safety. By attending these courses regularly, women gain confidence knowing that they are able to defend themselves if needed a feeling no one should go without!

Women in India face unique challenges when it comes to workplace safety. Survival Instincts Company provides specialized trainings tailored specifically for them, designed to empower and equip women with the knowledge needed to protect themselves from potential threats while on the job. Through interactive workshops and engaging activities, these courses offer a comprehensive overview of topics such as harassment prevention tactics, effective communication strategies during difficult situations, self defense techniques that can be used if necessary, plus much more. By equipping female employees with this valuable information they need throughout their professional lives Survival Instincts is helping create safer working environments across India one training at a time!

Survival Instincts Company offers American Red Cross certified first aid training programs in India. These courses are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for responding quickly, calmly, and effectively during medical emergencies. Participants learn how to recognize common signs and symptoms of illnesses or injuries apply appropriate treatments such as bandaging wounds use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) respond appropriately when caring for a choking victim identify environmental hazards that can lead to injury or illness administer basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques on adults, children, infants and even pets! With this comprehensive program participants gain confidence while developing life saving abilities they may need one day.

The American Red Cross certified Emergency First Responder training programs offered by Survival Instincts Company in India have been designed to prepare individuals for a wide range of emergency situations. The courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills needed to respond quickly, effectively and safely when faced with any type of medical or traumatic incident. Through practical demonstrations, lectures, hands on practice sessions and scenario simulations participants are able to develop their ability to assess an emergency situation correctly while maintaining composure under pressure. This ensures that they can confidently take charge during critical moments as well as learn how best manage resources available in order ensure effective outcomes from every response effort made.

Law Enforcement Commando (LEC) training programs by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to provide tactical and operational skills for police officers. The program focuses on improving physical fitness, firearms proficiency, personnel protection techniques as well as specialized tactics such as dynamic entry operations. It also includes a comprehensive range of scenarios that involve hostage rescue missions, counter terrorism drills and high risk warrant service exercises. Instructors with extensive experience from the Indian Armed Forces have been recruited to ensure quality instruction is provided at all times during this intensive course which lasts up to two weeks depending upon the level of expertise required by participants.

Survival Instincts Company in India offers an extensive range of training courses to help people prepare for potential disasters. Fire Suppression and Technical Rescue trainings are designed to teach individuals how best to respond when faced with a fire emergency or technical rescue situation, such as entrapment or hazardous materials incidents. Structural Collapse Rescue teaches participants the skills needed should they find themselves trapped beneath collapsed buildings, while Aquatic Flood Rescue provides instruction on what steps must be taken during floods and water related emergencies. Each course is comprehensive yet tailored specifically towards Indian conditions so that students can gain maximum benefit from their learning experience.

Survival Instincts Company is an Indian organization providing specialized training programs to paramilitary forces of the Home Ministry. These include Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force and Central Industrial Security Forces among others. The focus of these courses lies in imparting physical fitness as well as tactical skills such as marksmanship, navigation and combat techniques that are necessary for successful operations under extreme conditions or hostile environments. In addition to this Survival Instincts also provides psychological support through stress management sessions conducted by certified professionals with experience in military psychology. This helps personnel cope better with their duties while ensuring mental stability during long deployments away from family life

Survival Instincts offers specialized training programs for India's special forces, such as the National Security Guard (NSG), Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion, MARCOS of the Indian Navy, Garuds from the Air Force and RAW wing Special Group. These innovative courses are designed to develop physical strength along with tactical awareness in order to equip personnel operating under extreme conditions. The company has a team of experienced professionals who have served at various levels within these organizations and understand their unique needs perfectly well. They also provide customized solutions tailored specifically for each organization s requirements which include outdoor activities like rappelling or rock climbing exercises that instill confidence among participants while honing essential skills required on duty.


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