We Salute These Martial Arts Experts with Great Pleasure Pride and Privilege for Their Support of Our Women's Safety Initiatives.

We Salute These Martial Arts Experts for Their Support to Our Women's Safety Initiatives with Great Pleasure Pride and Privilege Surviv Salutes You!

We salute these Martial Arts experts for their support to our Women's Safety initiatives with great pleasure pride and privilege.

We Salute These Martial Arts Experts for Their Support to Our Women's Safety Initiatives

We Salute These Martial Arts Experts for Their Support to Our Women's Safety Initiatives

WE SALUTE THESE MARTIAL ARTS EXPERTS for their support to our women's safety initiatives. It is with great pleasure, pride and privilege that Survival Instincts applaud the commitment of these exceptional martial art masters in joining our cause for promoting the safety of women through our self defense programs. Seen in this picture is Anoop Madhavan, founder of Survival Instincts, along with the martial arts experts who attended the panel discussion in September 2013. In the order of age, the respectful (1) Kyoshi KS Ramkumar of Kenshi Kai Karate Kobudo Federation India (2) Sifu AK Abbas of Tae Bo Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy (3) Master P Sivashankar of Tae Kwon Do Martial Defense Club (4) Shihan K Abdul Azeez of Tamil Nadu Jujitsu Federation (5) Master Dr. C Suresh Babu of Spitfire Kickboxing Academy (6) Master T Madhu of Tamil Nadu Muay Thai Association We welcome them to our periodical martial art panel discussion to sharpen, improve, verify, validate and obtain their valuable advice for our self defense programs. We at Survival Instincts believe that all moves taught in a self defense program must be tested under the most rigorous conditions for resilience. Failure is not an option, because a wrong move can endanger a precious life. That's why we at Survival Instincts, in association with the above six martial art schools, formed India's first Panel of Martial Arts Experts. In future, we look forward to inviting more martial arts experts from various forms to share their knowledge and jointly promote self defense programs to the public. As a methodology, we have classified 48 problems commonly faced on the street and have developed a program with counter measures to deal with all of these. Each move taught in our program is tested and approved by al l members our panel, and is hand picked with 4 critical criteria: (1) It should be effective for a smaller female victim to use against a much larger attacker (2) It should be quick and effortless to learn (3) It must be based on natural body mechanics, so it can 'muscle memorized' quickly. (4) It should pose the minimum danger to the victim pre, during, and post delivery. Call 9176693012 to join our self defense program. Rest assured, you are in the best hands with respect to your safety. Stay safe.

We recognize the outstanding contributions of Martial Arts experts in their support for our Women's Safety Initiatives. Their commitment to helping create a safe environment, both physically and mentally, is invaluable. They have provided essential training that has allowed women to gain confidence and self defense skills which are so important when facing potential danger or threat situations. We thank them wholeheartedly for being part of this journey with us as we strive towards making sure all women feel secure wherever they may be!

Women in India are increasingly travelling for work, education and leisure. To ensure their safety while on the move, Survival Instincts Company offers Women's Travel Safety trainings to equip them with knowledge of self defence techniques as well as tips on how to handle difficult situations they may encounter during travel. These sessions also provide an opportunity for participants to meet like minded women who share similar interests and experiences when it comes to travelling solo or in groups within India. The aim is not only help build confidence but also create a safe environment where everyone feels secure and empowered enough take charge of their own lives without fear or hesitation!

Women in India now have access to self defense training through Survival Instincts Company. These trainings are designed specifically for women, with an emphasis on teaching them the skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. The courses cover a range of topics such as awareness techniques, verbal de escalation strategies, physical defense tactics and more. In addition to providing practical knowledge about how best to respond when faced with danger or violence, these classes also focus heavily on mental preparation helping each individual build confidence so they can trust their instincts if ever confronted by a dangerous situation. With its comprehensive approach towards educating individuals around personal safety measures Survival Instincts is making sure that every woman in India has the tools she needs should any threat arise against her wellbeing or security

Women in India face unique safety challenges while at work. Survival Instincts Company offers customized training services to help protect them from workplace harassment and other risks, such as physical violence or sexual assault. The courses are designed with a focus on the Indian context covering topics like gender sensitization, legal rights of women workers, risk assessment techniques for preventing incidents in their workplaces, and self defense skills that can be used if needed. Through these trainings by Survival Instincts Company, female employees gain confidence knowing they have access to resources which will enable them to stay safe during working hours.

Survival Instincts Company, based in India, offers American Red Cross certified first aid training programs. These courses are designed to teach individuals the skills and knowledge needed for responding effectively to medical emergencies. Participants learn how to recognize signs of illness or injury as well as how to respond appropriately with basic care until professional help arrives. The program also covers CPR techniques along with safety protocols such as handwashing and sanitization practices that can prevent spreading infections during emergency situations. All participants receive a certificate upon completion of their course which is valid for two years from date of issue.

The need for Emergency First Responder training has seen a sharp rise in India. Survival Instincts Company, an American Red Cross certified provider of such courses, is helping to meet this growing demand. Their programs are designed with the latest cutting edge technology and techniques that enable students to respond quickly and effectively during emergency situations. The company's experienced instructors teach participants how to recognize hazards associated with different types of emergencies as well as proper responses when faced with life threatening events or medical crises like heart attacks or strokes. By completing these specialized classes, individuals gain skills necessary for providing immediate assistance at any time while ensuring their own safety too!

India is home to a variety of Law Enforcement Commando training programs, offered by Survival Instincts Company. These courses are designed for police SWAT teams and other law enforcement personnel who require advanced tactical skills in order to effectively respond to high risk situations. The company's instructors provide participants with the knowledge and experience needed to handle complex scenarios such as hostage rescue operations or terrorist threats. Participants also receive hands on practice using specialized weapons systems including sniper rifles, submachine guns, breaching tools and more during their time at one of these comprehensive training sessions. By attending these classes officers gain valuable insight into how best manage dangerous encounters while keeping themselves safe in any situation they may face out on patrol or when responding to an emergency callout from headquarters.

Survival Instincts Company in India is offering specialized training courses to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for fire suppression, technical rescue, structural collapse rescue and aquatic flood rescues. Through these trainings participants will gain an understanding of safety protocols as well as develop their problem solving abilities when it comes to emergency situations. The classes are designed by experienced professionals who have years of expertise in this field which ensures that all students receive quality instruction from knowledgeable instructors. Students can be confident that they will leave each course better prepared than before with new insight into how best handle emergencies efficiently while keeping themselves safe at all times.

Survival Instincts Company provides comprehensive training programs for all paramilitary forces of the Indian Home Ministry. These include Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). The company's experienced instructors offer personalized guidance to ensure that each trainee acquires the necessary skills required in their respective field operations. Training courses are designed according to specific needs of different units, focusing on physical conditioning as well as mental preparedness for a range of scenarios. Additionally, Survival Instincts also offers specialized workshops like survival strategies during hostile conditions or high risk situations such as hostage rescue missions etc., which make them an ideal choice among India s law enforcement agencies and military personnel alike.

Survival Instincts offers a comprehensive range of training programs to equip personnel from the National Security Guard (NSG), NSG Special Action Group, NSG Special Rangers Group, Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion of the Indian Army with essential skills for their respective roles. The company also provides specialized courses tailored towards equipping members from elite forces such as MARCOS India's Marine Commandos unit in Navy Garuds special force within Air Force RAW Wing s Special group Indian SFF (Special Frontier Force). These programmes are designed by experienced professionals keeping in mind specific requirements of each organization under Ministry Of Defense in Government Of India.


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