Raising Awareness of Child Abuse Prevention at Chennai's Oldest Private Matriculation School The Twelfth Performance.

Join us and help make our world a safer place for children by attending the Twelfth Performance of our Awareness Program on the Prevention of Child Abuse at one of Chennai's oldest Private Matriculation Schools!

We are proud to present the twelfth performance of our awareness program on prevention of child abuse at one of Chennai's oldest private matriculation school!

Twelfth Performance of Our Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse at Chennai's Oldest Private Matriculation School

Twelfth Performance of Our Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse at Chennai's Oldest Private Matriculation School

Twelfth performance of our awareness program on prevention of #Childabuse at one of the oldest Private Matriculation School in Chennai

The twelfth performance of our awareness program on prevention of child abuse was held at one of the oldest private matriculation schools in Chennai. The event saw a large turnout from students, parents and teachers alike. It began with an introduction to the importance and urgency for creating more awareness about this issue among all sections of society by highlighting some real life cases reported across India recently. This was followed by interactive activities such as role plays which helped participants understand how children are vulnerable to different forms of abuse physical, emotional or sexual and encouraged them to take preventive measures against it through dialogue sessions between adults kids within their families communities etc. Overall, it proved very successful in bringing together people from various backgrounds who shared similar concerns regarding safety issues related to minors living around us today!

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