Coastal Security Group Unites with World Safety Day 2014 to Simulate Tsunami and Plan Disaster Response at Marina Beach.

Celebrate World Safety Day 2014 at Marina Beach with tsunami simulation and disaster response from the Coastal Security Group!

Today at Marina Beach Coastal Security Group celebrated World Safety Day 2014 with a Tsunami Simulation and Disaster Response demonstration.

World Safety Day 2014 at Marina Beach: Tsunami Simulation and Disaster Response with Coastal Security Group.

World Safety Day 2014 at Marina Beach: Tsunami Simulation and Disaster Response with Coastal Security Group.

Tsunami Simulation and Disaster Response at the Marina Beach in connection with the World Safety Day 2014, in association with Coastal Security Group, Indian Coast Guard, and Indian Navy

On World Safety Day 2014, the Coastal Security Group joined forces with Marina Beach to host a tsunami simulation and disaster response event. Participants had an opportunity to experience first hand what it would be like in case of such natural disasters. They were trained on how best they could save themselves as well as others during times of crisis. A special emphasis was put on educating people about safety measures that should be taken before, during and after any kind of calamity or emergency situation arises at sea level areas near coasts which are prone to tsunamis or other water related catastrophes due to their geographical location. The initiative provided invaluable insight into survival techniques for those living close by coastal regions all over the world

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