TN Naval HQ INS Adyar Commodores Debrief Tsunami Simulation Safety Drill Data.

Let's Stand Together for Tsunami Simulation Safety Drill Data Debrief at TN Naval Headquarters INS Adyar!

Commodore Amar K Mahadevan NOIC of INS Adyar debriefed the Tsnuami Simulation Safety Drill Data at TN Naval Headquarters.

Debriefing Safety Drill Data from Tsunami Simulation at INS Adyar: Commodore Amar K Mahadevan NOIC Ind Standing Left to Right.

Debriefing Safety Drill Data from Tsunami Simulation at INS Adyar: Commodore Amar K Mahadevan NOIC Ind Standing Left to Right.

Tsnuami Simulation Safety Drill Data Debrief at the TN Naval Headquarters (INS Adyar). Standing left-to-right Commodore Amar K Mahadevan - NOIC Indian Navy TN&P, Anoop Madhavan - Founder Survival Instincts, Dr. Sylendra Babu IPS - ADGP TN Marine Police, Captain Shyam Sundar - Indian Navy, V Balakrishnan IPS - Dy. Commissioner of Police, DIG SK Verghese - Chief Staff Officer, Indian Coast Guard, Commandant (JG) Ashok Kumar Bhama - Regional Ops & Plans Officer, Indian Coast Guard.

The Tsunami Simulation Safety Drill Data Debrief at the TN Naval Headquarters INS Adyar was an event to be remembered. Commodore Amar K Mahadevan NOIC Ind., led a team of officers and sailors in reviewing their performance during the drill, which simulated a tsunami hitting Chennai Coastline. The debriefing went into great detail as each individual's actions were discussed thoroughly, with recommendations for improvement where needed. Everyone present learned valuable lessons about how best to respond when faced with such disasters from communication protocols between departments to evacuation procedures that must take place quickly and efficiently. It is clear that all personnel involved took this exercise seriously, ensuring they are well prepared should any real emergency arise in future times ahead!

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