Indian Army Cadets Get CQC Training at OTA Chennai Led by K.

Be Combat Ready with Today's Deccan Chronicle CQC Training for Indian Army Officer Cadets at the Officers Training Academy Chennai!

Indian Army Officer cadets from the Officers Training Academy Chennai partnered with K to hone their skills in close quarter combat (CQC) training today.

Indian Army Officer Cadets Participate in K's CQC Training at the Officers Training Academy Chennai

Indian Army Officer Cadets Participate in K's CQC Training at the Officers Training Academy Chennai

Today's Deccan Chronicle, close quarter combat (CQC) training for Indian Army Officer cadets at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai, jointly by Krav Maga Global (KMG) India and Survival Instincts. Seen in the post are Elroy Vaz, Regional Director KMG India and Anoop Madhavan, CEO, Survival Instincts.

K, a close quarter combat (CQC) training provider for Indian Army Officer cadets at the Officers Training Academy Chennai is making waves. The CQC program was designed to teach officers how to fight in hand to hand situations and other forms of physical confrontation that may arise during their service. Through this intensive course, officer cadets are taught various techniques such as striking with weapons or fists grappling on ground or walls and using defensive tactics when attacked from behind. In addition they also learn self defense skills like evading attacks by controlling distance between opponents, blocking strikes and counters attacking effectively based on situation analysis. This comprehensive curriculum provides an invaluable skill set which will help these young men protect themselves while serving India's armed forces honorably

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Law Enforcement Commando Training and Police SWAT training programs in India are offered by Survival Instincts Company. These courses focus on providing the necessary skills to law enforcement personnel for counter terrorism operations, hostage rescue missions, high risk search warrants etc. The comprehensive syllabus includes topics such as close quarter battle tactics (CQB), rappelling techniques, marksmanship drills shooting under stress conditions and other specialized areas of combat readiness which is essential for police officers when responding to a crisis situation or tactical operation. Instructors at these courses have years of experience from military backgrounds with special forces unit qualifications making them experts in their field who can provide valuable insights into real life scenarios that could be encountered during an emergency intervention mission.

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Survival Instincts is a leading provider of training programs for the various special forces in India. Their courses are designed to enhance physical and mental capabilities, while also teaching safety protocols that help personnel avoid dangerous situations. The company offers specialized modules tailored specifically to National Security Guard (NSG), Indian Army Paratroopers, Navy MARCOS Air Force Garuds, Research Analysis Wing Special Group (RAW) as well as other Ministry Of Defense units. These sessions provide an opportunity for participants to hone their skillset under expert guidance from experienced trainers who have years of experience with these elite teams. Participants can expect comprehensive instruction on tactics such as combat drills and close quarter battle techniques along with weapons handling proficiency tests etc., all essential components required by today's modern soldiery force or paramilitary unit members operating in hostile environments around the globe


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