International Day for the Girl Child: Lakhs of Girls Face Eve Teasing on Their Way to School

Let's End Eve Teasing and Support Every Girl on International Day for the Girl Child!

Today marks International Day for the Girl Child yet sadly many face harassment and ridicule as they attempt to make their way to school on public transportation.

Appalling Reality: On International Day for the Girl Child Lakhs of Girls Face Eve Teasing While Traveling to School .

Appalling Reality: On International Day for the Girl Child Lakhs of Girls Face Eve Teasing While Traveling to School .

Today is International Day for the Girl Child! Each day lakhs of girls try to reach our schools using public transportation, only to be eve teased, groped, molested and harassed. You can change this evil! Call 9176693015 to schedule our mime on Women's Safety in Public Transportation, and participate in our marina beach rally on Nov 23, 2014 on the occasion of the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.

Today is International Day for the Girl Child, a day to celebrate and recognize girls around the world. It's an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come in terms of gender equality but also acknowledge that there is still much more work left ahead. Girls everywhere face unique challenges when it comes to education from lack of access due to financial constraints or cultural norms, right through to safety concerns while travelling alone each morning just trying get themselves into school. Despite these obstacles many bravely make their way every single day only be faced with yet another challenge harassment by boys who are often older than them as they travel together using public transportation facilities like buses and trains. This kind of behavior must not go unnoticed any longer! We need everyone s support so that all our daughters can reach their full potential without having fear holding them back from achieving greatness!

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