Tips to Avoid Highway Robbery: Chennai Kerala and Bangalore Hyderabad.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe: Tips for Avoiding Highway Robbery Chennai to Kerala or Bangalore to Hyderabad!

Stay alert and vigilant while driving: it's the best way to avoid highway robbery.

Tips to Avoid Highway Robbery between Chennai Kerala Bangalore Hyderabad Routes

Tips to Avoid Highway Robbery between Chennai Kerala Bangalore Hyderabad Routes

Tips to Avoid a Highway Robbery Whether you are driving from Chennai to Kerala or from Bangalore to Hyderabad, news of organized highway robberies are becoming common. Here are ways to avoid being a victim. 1) Generally, on the highway, try your best not to slow down below 10 kilometers per hour. If not possible, try your best not to stop and open your windows. If not possible, try your best not to step out and away from your vehicle. 2) Be careful about transporting cash, gold or valuable items in car. If unavoidable, ensure that such information is not made public - ex: coming to a city to purchase gold for a wedding, is a risk both to and fro - as its an easy assumption that cash or gold is being transported. Also a person using an ATM on a highway is an easy target. 3) Gangs use road blocks to corner and incapacitate motor vehicles. If you observe a road block, do not get close to it. Do not get out of your vehicle to clear it. Many gangs use this situation to gain control of the vehicle. Use your high beam if at night, and leave enough room for a quick U turn. 4) Splashing certain fluids on to the wind shield of the car is technique employed by highway robbery gangs. Switching on your wind shield wipers (which is generally the first instinct of a driver) will generally worsen the situation on most of the circumstances. The best step is to not employ the wind shield wipers, drive as far as possible with the limited visibility, enter into a lighted area before attempting to clear the windshields. 5) Highway robbers do appear as accident victims and hitchhikers. Exercise caution when assisting anybody on the road especially at night. Calling the police or the ambulance, may be the better option, in case of vulnerable motorists. 6) Many highway robberies start with a minor accident resulting in a small bump. The scheme is to get the driver to stop and step out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. In general, if you are a vulnerable motorist, do not step out of the vehicle. Drive to the nearest highway police station. 7) Many gangs disguise as highway patrols performing inspections. Exercise caution when believing the words of anyone dressed in a uniform. You can always reply that you feel unsafe to stop and that you can stop at the next highway patrol station or at the next lit-up highway resting / eating area. A properly trained highway patrol team will always be empathetic to your safety concerns. Also note that in a properly exercised highway inspection, your vehicle will seldom be alone. 8) Keep maximum possible distance between the front side of your vehicle and the bumper of the vehicle ahead of you. The rule of thumb is one second for each 10 km speed you are driving at. So for a vehicle traveling at 80 kmph, you must be at least 8 seconds behind it. Another rule of thumb that maybe more easier to gauge is one-vehicle-length for each 10 km speed you are driving at. So for example, if you are traveling at 80 kmph, you must be 8 times the length of your vehicle behind. This is applicable, even if the leading vehicle is in a different lane than you. Remember, the shorter the distance, the more likely it is for the vehicle in front to endanger you, involve you in an accident or to spill something on your windshield. 9) In cell phone serviceable areas, keep the numbers of police, high patrols, and local emergency responders ready for quick access. 10) If you encounter a situation where your vehicle is overpowered by a gang, please be ready to hand over any valuables to them and keep the encounter as short as possible. Most robberies are crimes for gain, and once there is material gain and the escape route is clear, the robbers exit the crime scene without harming the victim. There are exceptions to this, however by far, putting up a fight only prolongs the encounter. Also resisting the crime without knowledge of how many robbers are there, the level of their sophistication and equipment, it may not be productive to put up a fight.

It is important to take certain precautions when driving on highways in India. Here are some tips that can help you avoid becoming a target of highway robbery: Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel and carry an extra canister just in case travel during daylight hours whenever possible be aware of the surroundings, including any suspicious vehicles or individuals nearby if someone signals for assistance pull into a well lit area where there will be witnesses before stopping to offer aid. Finally, it's best to stick with main roads as much as possible rather than taking shortcuts through remote areas. By following these simple steps one can ensure safe travels while avoiding potential danger from organized robberies on Indian highways!

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