Third Performance of Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse Held at Prestigious Educational Institution for Girls in Chennai .

Let's join hands to create a safe and secure environment for our girls come be part of the Third Performance of Our Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse!

We are delighted to have successfully held our third awareness program on the prevention of child abuse at one of Chennai's prestigious educational institutions for girls!

Students at Prestigious Educational Institution for Girls in Chennai Attend Third Performance of Awareness Program to Prevent Child Abuse .

Students at Prestigious Educational Institution for Girls in Chennai Attend Third Performance of Awareness Program to Prevent Child Abuse .

Third performance of our awareness program on prevention of #childabuse at one of the prestigious educational institution for girls in Chennai.

The third performance of our awareness program on prevention of childabuse was held at one the most prestigious educational institutions for girls in Chennai. The session began with a talk by an experienced social worker, who highlighted the importance and relevance of such programs to students. Subsequently, videos were shown which further helped explain what constitutes as abuse and how it can be prevented or reported immediately when spotted. At the end there was a question answer round where participants could ask questions related to various aspects discussed during this workshop from legal implications to psychological effects due its occurrence among children today. It concluded successfully after providing valuable insight into these topics that will help create more aware citizens amongst them!

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