Third Mime on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School Invites Participation .

Join us for the Third installment in our Mimes Series on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School!

Help create a safe and secure public transportation system for all women!

Attend the Third in Series of Mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School!

Attend the Third in Series of Mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School!

Third in the series of our mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Join our rally to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE! Sunday 23 @ 6:00 AM join us at Marina Beach for an awareness rally by Madras Anchorage Round Table 100, in association with Survival Instincts, to increase awareness of Women's Safety while traveling. Visit for more details to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE.

The third installment of the mime series on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Madras Christian College Matriculation Higher Secondary School was a success. Students were able to understand the importance and need for safety measures while travelling through public transport, especially with regards to women. The performance highlighted various issues that are faced by female commuters every day such as harassment or overcrowding, which can be avoided if basic precautions are taken like being aware of one s surroundings and avoiding secluded areas when possible. Through this initiative students got an opportunity to learn about how they can take steps towards making their journey safe without compromising on convenience.

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