Akshaya Ramakrishna Praised for Outstanding Performance at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 by Survivor and Professional Award Team Leader.

Akshaya Ramakrishna is the perfect example of a true survivor showing remarkable leadership skills at the Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Akshaya Ramakrishna has been an incredible asset to our team at the Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 she is a true survivor and leader!

Team Leader Praises Akshaya Ramakrishna for Outstanding Performance at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

Team Leader Praises Akshaya Ramakrishna for Outstanding Performance at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

The nominee of Survivor and Professional Award & the Team Leader of Lone Survivors Team says about the Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Akshaya Ramakrishnan

The Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Akshaya Ramakrishna was a remarkable experience for the Lone Survivors Team. Our team leader, who is also nominated for Survivor and Professional Awards, said that it provided an excellent opportunity to learn new skills as well as hone existing ones in order to become better leaders. Everyone had meaningful conversations which helped us understand our strengths and weaknesses more clearly we were able to identify how each of us could contribute uniquely towards achieving common goals. The camp's activities encouraged collaboration among all members while inspiring healthy competition at the same time something essential when striving towards success!

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