Covert Combat Teams at INS Adyar Sharpen Survival Instincts on November 26 2014 in Memory of the Heroic.

Unlock Your Survival Instincts: Tactical Training for Combat Teams at INS Adyar November 26th 2014 in Memory of the Brave.

Covert combat teams at INS Adyar were on full display as they received Survival Instincts tactical training in honor of the fallen members of November 26 2014.

INS Adyar Honors Memory of Heroes with Survival Instincts Tactical Training for Covert Combat Teams on November 26 2014

INS Adyar Honors Memory of Heroes with Survival Instincts Tactical Training for Covert Combat Teams on November 26 2014

The New Indian Express features Survival Instincts tactical training for the covert combat teams at INS Adyar on November 26, 2014 in memory of the heroes of 2008 Nov 26 Mumbai Terror Attacks.

The New Indian Express featured Survival Instincts tactical training for the covert combat teams at INS Adyar on November 26, 2014. This event was held in memory of H (name withheld), a former member of these teams who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving his country. The program included specialized drills and exercises that taught team members how to respond quickly and efficiently during dangerous situations or hostile environments. It also provided them with useful knowledge about weapons handling, first aid techniques, communication strategies, operational tactics and more all essential skills required by any successful military unit today. Overall it was an inspiring day filled with honor and respect for those brave soldiers who have given their lives defending our nation's freedom!

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