Chennai School for Girls Hosts 10th Performance of Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Join us for a powerful theatre performance about the prevention of child abuse at Chennai's top school for girls!

The tenth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of childabuse was a huge success at this top school for girls in Chennai!

10th Theatre Performance highlighting Child Abuse Prevention to be Held at Top Chennai Girls' School .

10th Theatre Performance highlighting Child Abuse Prevention to be Held at Top Chennai Girls' School .

Tenth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of #childabuse in a top school for girls in chennai

The tenth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of childabuse was held in a top school for girls in Chennai. The play, written by an acclaimed author and directed by experienced actors, aimed to raise awareness about this sensitive issue among students. It featured powerful dialogues that highlighted how society should be more vigilant against any form of abuse towards children. Additionally, it also gave tips on what steps one can take if they come across such incidents or feel threatened themselves. After the show concluded with thunderous applause from all present there were many meaningful discussions between teachers and students which further reiterated its importance as well as effectiveness at raising public consciousness around the topic .

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