Team Member Nominated for Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp.

Proud Lone Survivor and Autumn Leadership Camp Team Player Award Nominee!

I am honored to be the Team Member of the Lone Survivors team and nominated for a Team Player award at Autumn Leadership Camp!

Nominee for Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp Recognized as a Lone Survivor Team Member

Nominee for Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp Recognized as a Lone Survivor Team Member

Team Member of the Lone Survivors team and the nominee of team player award of Autumn Leadership camp says..

The Lone Survivors team member was recently nominated for the Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership camp. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to working together with others and helping them succeed, always putting group objectives before personal goals. Her enthusiasm for collaboration is infectious she encourages everyone on the team to strive towards a common goal while also recognizing individual contributions along the way. As such, it's no surprise that this nominee earned recognition from fellow participants in leadership camp an impressive feat! With her strong survival instincts and collaborative spirit driving success within their ranks, The Lone Survivor s can look forward to many more successes ahead as they continue striving towards greatness as one unified unit.

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