Wishing All a Happy Women's Day: Survival Instincts 2014.

Wishing all the amazing women out there a very Happy Women's Day from Survival Instincts!

Happy Women's Day to all from Survival Instincts!

Wishing All a Happy Women's Day: Survival Instincts Celebrates in 2014

Wishing All a Happy Women's Day: Survival Instincts Celebrates in 2014

Survival Instincts wishes all a Happy Women's Day 2014

On this special day of celebration, Survival Instincts wishes all the wonderful women a very Happy Women's Day 2014. We celebrate and recognize your achievements in every field be it personal or professional you have made us proud! Your strength is inspiring to everyone around you. You are an example for many generations ahead who will take inspiration from your courage and determination. May this occasion bring joy into each one s life with lots of success stories that keep motivating others too!

Women in India face unique challenges when travelling, which is why Survival Instincts Company has developed a specialized Women's Travel Safety training program. This comprehensive course covers topics such as avoiding harassment and unwanted attention while abroad, safety tips for solo female travellers, understanding local cultural customs that can affect personal security and more. Participants also learn techniques to increase their situational awareness so they are better prepared if an unsafe situation arises. The trainings provide the tools necessary to confidently navigate any travel destination with peace of mind knowing you have taken steps towards your own protection.

Women in India can now learn to defend themselves with self defense trainings from Survival Instincts Company. Their courses are designed for all ages and skill levels, helping participants gain confidence through physical and mental training exercises. The comprehensive program is tailored specifically towards women's safety needs, covering topics such as risk awareness, personal boundaries, verbal defense techniques and more. With the help of experienced instructors who provide a safe environment to practice skills without fear or judgement , these classes empower individuals with knowledge that could potentially save their lives one day .

Women in India face a unique set of challenges when it comes to workplace safety. Survival Instincts Company has developed specialized trainings tailored specifically for this population, designed with their needs and concerns in mind. Through these sessions, participants learn how to identify potential risks at work as well as strategies for responding quickly and effectively if an incident occurs. They also gain valuable insight into the legal rights they have under Indian law regarding harassment or other forms of discrimination on the job site. The goal is not only increased awareness but empowerment so that women can feel safe while working without fear or intimidation from supervisors, coworkers, customers anyone who might pose a threat to them physically or emotionally. By equipping women with knowledge about their own safety and security within the workplace environment through these training programs offered by Survival Instincts Company , more female workers will be able to pursue careers free from danger both inside and outside of India's borders

Survival Instincts Company offers American Red Cross certified first aid training programs in India. These courses are designed to teach individuals how to respond and provide care for medical emergencies, such as bleeding control or responding appropriately during a cardiac arrest situation. Participants learn about the basics of CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use and other life saving skills that can help save lives when time is critical. The comprehensive program includes lectures by experienced instructors combined with hands on practice sessions on mannequins so participants gain confidence in their ability to act quickly while providing appropriate assistance until professional help arrives at the scene.

The American Red Cross certified Emergency First Responder training programs offered by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills they need to respond effectively during a medical emergency. The program focuses on providing participants with an understanding of basic life support, including how to assess patients' conditions, perform CPR, use AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) safely and correctly administer first aid treatments for common injuries or illnesses. Participants also learn about legal considerations involved when responding as well as communication techniques that can be used while dealing with stress inducing situations. With these comprehensive courses from Survival Instincts Company in India, individuals gain confidence knowing they have the necessary tools needed should any unexpected emergencies arise!

Law enforcement in India is taking a new step forward with Survival Instincts Company's SWAT and Commando training programs. These specialized courses are designed to equip officers with the skills they need to handle high risk situations, such as hostage rescues or tactical raids on criminal hideouts. The intensive trainings cover topics like firearms proficiency, close quarter combat techniques, fast roping from helicopters into hostile environments and much more. With these unique offerings by Survival Instincts Company, law enforcement personnel can now be better prepared for any situation that may arise while protecting their communities.

Survival Instincts Company, in India, offers a range of training courses to help personnel stay safe and prepared for any emergency situation. Fire Suppression training provides the necessary knowledge on how to use fire safety equipment effectively during an incident. Technical Rescue Training equips individuals with the skills needed when responding to hazardous situations such as confined space entry or rope rescue operations. Structural Collapse Rescue Training educates participants about safely rescuing trapped persons from collapsed structures following disasters like earthquakes or explosions. Aquatic Flood Rescue is another course offered by Survival Instincts which teaches people how best respond in water based emergencies involving swiftwater rescues and boat operations among many other things . All these trainings are essential for those who want be equipped with life saving techniques that can potentially save lives!

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs to paramilitary forces of the Indian Home Ministry. These include Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force and Central Industrial Security Forces among others. The courses are designed by experts in their respective fields with an aim to equip personnel with necessary skills required for survival during missions or operations in hostile environments. In addition, they also provide knowledge on self defense tactics and strategies that can be used while dealing with dangerous situations like riots or terrorist attacks etc., which is essential for effective functioning as a security force member.

Survival Instincts is a leading provider of training programs for special forces in India. The company offers specialized courses and workshops to the National Security Guard, NSG Special Action Group, NSG Special Rangers Group, Indian Army Paratroopers (Para Battallion), Indian Navy MARCOS personnel, Air Force Garuds from the IAF and Research Analysis Wing's (RAW) elite unit the 'Special Frontier Force'. These comprehensive programs are designed by experienced professionals with an emphasis on physical fitness as well as mental agility. Survival Instincts' trainers use advanced methods such as simulations and drills that help participants gain proficiency in combat skills needed to excel at their respective roles within these units.


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