Survivor Girls Celebrate Success at World Heart Day Cardiac Emergency Workshop Attended by 41 Corporates!

Survival Instincts Girls: Celebrating Success at the World Heart Day Cardiac Emergency Workshop with 41 Large Corporates!

The Survival Instincts girls celebrated their success at the World Heart Day Cardiac Emergency Workshop where 41 large corporates attended the session!

Girls Celebrate Success at World Heart Day Workshop with 41 Corporates

Girls Celebrate Success at World Heart Day Workshop with 41 Corporates

Survival Instincts girls celebrating their success at the World Heart Day Cardiac Emergency Workshop - 41 large corporates attended the session sponsored by Philips Healthcare at Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers on September 30, 2013.

The Survival Instincts girls have a lot to celebrate! Recently, they attended the World Heart Day Cardiac Emergency Workshop and were extremely successful. The workshop was sponsored by 41 large corporates who came together in support of their mission. It was an incredible sight seeing so many people come out for such a great cause. During the event, the team shared important information about cardiac health with attendees from all walks of life while also engaging them through interactive activities like quizzes and games that taught practical skills related to emergency response techniques when it comes to heart related issues or accidents. Everyone had a blast celebrating success at this meaningful gathering including those behind Survival Instincts Company!

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