Anoop Madhavan Evaluates the Lenco BearCat: Law Enforcement's Newest Armored Assault Truck.

Experience the Power of Lenco BearCat: Anoop Madhavan Evaluates Law Enforcement's Latest Armored Assault Solution.

Anoop Madhavan founder of Survival Instincts evaluates the Lenco BearCat a new addition to law enforcement's armored assault fleet that enables enhanced security and protection.

Evaluation of Law Enforcement's Lenco BearCat Armored Assault Truck by Survival Instincts Founder Anoop Madhavan

Evaluation of Law Enforcement's Lenco BearCat Armored Assault Truck by Survival Instincts Founder Anoop Madhavan

Survival Instincts founder Anoop Madhavan evaluates law enforcements newest addition in armored assault, the Lenco BearCat. This armored truck enables SWAT infiltrations and exfiltrations with minimum exposure to even 50 caliber MMG/LMG. We are recommending the infrastructure to all key law enforcement SWAT units and special forces in India.

Anoop Madhavan, founder of Survival Instincts and a renowned law enforcement expert, recently evaluated the Lenco BearCat armored truck. This addition to the police force is designed for rapid deployment in high risk situations and can protect officers from gunfire with its steel armor plating. The vehicle also has run flat tires that allow it to travel over rough terrain without compromising speed or safety. It comes equipped with sirens so citizens are aware when an emergency situation arises as well as LED lighting systems for improved visibility at night time operations. With these features combined, Anoop believes this new model will revolutionize how law enforcement deals with dangerous scenarios while keeping their personnel safe during deployments.

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