Survival Instincts Celebrates International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women at Russian Cultural Center Chennai

Celebrate International Day to End Violence Against Women with Survival Instincts at the Russian Cultural Center Chennai!

Survival Instincts celebrated International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women at the Russian Cultural Center Chennai.

Survival Instincts Celebrates International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women at Russian Cultural Center Chennai

Survival Instincts Celebrates International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women at Russian Cultural Center Chennai

Survival Instincts celebrates the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women at the Russian Cultural Center, Chennai. The event was presided over by Mikhael Gorbatov, Deputy Consul General, Consulate of Russia.

The Russian Cultural Center Chennai recently hosted an event to celebrate the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. Organized by Survival Instincts, a social enterprise working towards providing safety and security solutions for women in India, this was the first time such an initiative had been taken up at the center. The day saw several dignitaries from various walks of life come together to discuss how best we can create awareness about violence against women and what measures should be put into place to combat it effectively. Speeches were also delivered on topics ranging from gender equality laws in different countries around world as well as steps that need to be taken within our own communities here in India. It is heartening to see organizations like Survival Instincts taking active roles towards creating safe spaces free of any form of discrimination or violence something all citizens are entitled too!

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