Rotaract Club of Women's Christian College Hosts Stree Suraksha Rally with Support from Survival Instincts.

Join us for the Stree Suraksha Rally organized by Rotaract Club Women's Christian College and supported by Survival Instincts!

The Stree Suraksha rally organized by Rotaract Club Women's Christian College and supported by Survival Instincts was a great success!

Rotaract Club Women's Christian College Holds Stree Suraksha Rally with Support from Survival Instincts.

Rotaract Club Women's Christian College Holds Stree Suraksha Rally with Support from Survival Instincts.

Stree Suraksha is a rally organized by Rotaract Club Women's Christian College and supported by Survival Instincts.

The Rotaract Club Women's Christian College has organized an event called Stree Suraksha, to promote safety of women in public spaces. This rally is supported by Survival Instincts, a company that specializes in providing training and resources related to self defense techniques for individuals and organizations alike. The aim of this initiative is to create awareness among the citizens about their rights as well as equip them with basic knowledge on how they can protect themselves from potential threats while out alone or travelling late at night. Through various activities such as street plays and talks conducted during the rally, it hopes not only educate people but also empower them against any form of harassment faced when outdoors or even within homes.

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Women in India face numerous challenges to their safety and security. Survival Instincts Company provides self defense trainings specifically tailored for women, empowering them with the skills they need to protect themselves from harm. Through a series of workshops, participants learn basic physical defense techniques such as blocking punches or kicks how to use everyday objects like keys and pens effectively against an attacker awareness strategies that help identify potentially dangerous situations before they arise plus other vital information about personal safety. With these tools at hand, women can feel more confident when navigating through life's potential risks both on the streets or even within their own homes.

Women in India are now able to benefit from the workplace safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. These courses have been designed with a focus on women's specific needs and challenges, addressing topics such as sexual harassment prevention, gender discrimination awareness, self defense techniques for female workers and more. Participants learn how to recognize potential risks before they occur build their own confidence through practical exercises create an environment of mutual respect within their teams develop effective strategies for responding when faced with difficult situations at work or outside it. By equipping them with these essential skillset that can help make workplaces safer places for all employees regardless of gender identity or background Survival Instincts is helping empower Indian women today!

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