Rotaract Club of WCC's Commendable Effort for Stree Suraksha Celebrated by The Hindu.

Help us make Stree Suraksha a reality Together we can ensure Women's Safety!

The Rotaract Club of WCC and Survival Instincts have come together for the commendable effort of Stree Suraksha a great example of working towards social good.

Rotaract Club of WCC Survival Instincts and The Hindu Celebrate Commendable Effort: Stree Suraksha

Rotaract Club of WCC Survival Instincts and The Hindu Celebrate Commendable Effort: Stree Suraksha

Stree Suraksha, a commendable effort by the students at the Rotaract Club of WCC and supported by Survival Instincts featured on The Hindu.

The Rotaract Club of WCC has taken a commendable initiative to promote safety among women in the city by launching 'Stree Suraksha'. This project is aimed at providing basic self defense training and awareness about personal security. It also provides support for victims who have faced violence or abuse, connecting them with relevant resources like medical aid, legal help etc. The program was supported by Survival Instincts which provided necessary guidance and expertise throughout its implementation. As reported in The Hindu newspaper, this effort has been welcomed as an important step towards ensuring gender equality and creating safe spaces for everyone especially vulnerable communities such as students on college campuses across India's cities.

Traveling to India can be a daunting experience for women, especially when it comes to safety. Survival Instincts Company offers specialized trainings that provide the tools and knowledge needed for safe travel in this region of the world. These courses are designed with both urban and rural environments in mind, teaching participants how to handle different situations they may encounter while traveling abroad. From basic self defense techniques like situational awareness and deescalation tactics, all the way up through more complex topics such as cultural etiquette or navigating public transportation safely these classes offer comprehensive training on every aspect of female traveler's security needs. With experienced instructors from around India providing insight into local customs and culture, travelers will feel confident knowing their journey is well prepared before even stepping foot outside their home country!

Women in India are learning to protect themselves with self defense courses from Survival Instincts Company. These trainings equip participants with the skills required for personal safety and well being, such as situational awareness and effective techniques of defending oneself against physical threats or attacks. The company also provides additional support services like psychological counselling sessions that help build a healthy mind set towards life's challenges. Through their workshops, they encourage women to take ownership of their own security while emphasizing on developing strength both physically and mentally. By empowering them through knowledge, Survival Instincts is helping make Indian society safer for everyone involved!

Women in India are now empowered with the knowledge to protect themselves at their workplace through Safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. These comprehensive sessions cover topics such as self defense, safety measures and awareness of legal rights for women facing harassment or abuse. The courses also provide information on how to recognize signs of danger and build confidence when faced with difficult situations. Participants learn practical tips that help them stay safe while travelling alone late at night, especially in unfamiliar places like metro stations or dark alleys they gain important skills which can be used if ever confronted by an attacker. With these empowering workshops, more Indian women feel secure knowing they have access to resources that will keep them protected from harm's way!

The American Red Cross is a well known humanitarian organization that provides first aid training programs all over the world. In India, Survival Instincts Company offers certified courses in basic life support and emergency medical services to individuals from diverse backgrounds. These sessions are designed to equip people with essential skills for managing common injuries or illnesses such as bleeding control, shock management, burns treatment etc., so they can respond quickly and confidently during an emergency situation. The company also organizes workshops on various topics related to disaster preparedness like earthquake safety drills and fire safety precautions which enable participants gain knowledge about how best to protect themselves in any kind of hazardous environment.

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Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs for India's National Security Guard (NSG), Special Action Group, Special Rangers Group, Para Battallion of the Indian Army and its associated paratroopers. It also provides courses to train personnel from the Navy MARCOS team, Air Force Garuds squadrons as well as Research Analysis Wing s special group. Additionally it covers all other forces under Ministry of Defense in Government of India such as Indian Special Frontier Force. The company has a long history providing quality tactical instruction with up to date methods that are tailored specifically to meet each agency or unit's requirements while adhering strictly to safety protocols at every stage during the course duration.


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