Join Rally to HELP HER TRAVE: 6th Mime for Women's Safety in Public Transportation at St. Kevin's Anglo Indian High School

Help Her Trave Join Our Rally to Promote Women's Safety in Public Transportation!

Take a stand against gender based violence in public transportation and help her travel safely join our rally now!

Rally for Women's Safety in Public Transportation at St. Kevin s Anglo Indian High School!

Rally for Women's Safety in Public Transportation at St. Kevin s Anglo Indian High School!

Sixth in the series of our mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at St Kevin's Anglo Indian High School. Join our rally to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE! Sunday 23 @ 6:00 AM join us at Marina Beach for an awareness rally by Madras Anchorage Round Table 100, in association with Survival Instincts, to increase awareness of Women's Safety while traveling. Visit for more details to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE

At St Kevin's Anglo Indian High School, the sixth in our series of mimes on women's safety in public transportation is about to take place. This rally seeks to bring attention and awareness towards this issue that affects many people around us every day. Our goal is for everyone men, women and children alike to feel safe when travelling by bus or train regardless of their gender identity or background. We urge all members from the community who are passionate about making a difference come together at this event as we strive towards creating an environment where no one has fear while commuting alone! By attending rallies like these, you can help make sure that those affected have access to proper support systems so they don't ever need worry again!

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