Join Our Rally to Combat Women's Safety in Public Transportation: CSI Bains Matriculation Higher Secondary School Mimes Series Part 2!

Stand Up and Take Action For Women's Safety in Public Transportation Join Our Rally Today!

Join us in the rally to help promote women's safety in public transportation and make our voices heard!

Join Our Rally to Promote Women's Safety in Public Transportation at CSI Bains Matriculation Higher Secondary School!

Join Our Rally to Promote Women's Safety in Public Transportation at CSI Bains Matriculation Higher Secondary School!

Second in the series of our mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at CSI Bains Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Join our rally to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE! Sunday 23 @ 6:00 AM join us at Marina Beach for an awareness rally by Madras Anchorage Round Table 100, in association with Survival Instincts, to increase awareness of Women's Safety while traveling. Visit for more details to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE.

The rally to H. is part of the second in a series of mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation, hosted by CSI Bains Matriculation Higher Secondary School. This event aims to raise awareness and educate people about how women can stay safe while travelling alone or late at night using public transportation services like buses, trains etc., as well as highlighting necessary steps that need to be taken for their safety such as carrying emergency contact numbers with them always or notifying someone before leaving home when they are going out after dark. Everyone should come together and join this important cause!

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