Survival Instincts Proudly Trains Indian Army Offensive's Black Cat Commandos of National Security Group NSG Special Action Group .

Survival Instincts is proud to be training the BLACK CAT COMMANDOS of NSG Special Action Group Indian Army Offensive.

SURVIVAL INSTINCTS is proud to be training the BLACK CAT COMMANDOS of the National Security Group NSG Special Action Group Indian Army Offensive.

Survival Instincts Proud to Train Black Cat Commandos of National Security Group's NSG Special Action Group Indian Army Offensive .

Survival Instincts Proud to Train Black Cat Commandos of National Security Group's NSG Special Action Group Indian Army Offensive .

SURVIVAL INSTINCTS is proud to be training the BLACK CAT COMMANDOS of the National Security Group - NSG Special Action Group (Indian Army) - Offensive / Strike Counter-Terror & Counter-Hijack Commandos and Special Ranger Group (Central Armed Police Forces) VVIP Security Commandos.

Survival Instincts is proud to be training the Black Cat Commandos of India's National Security Group (NSG) Special Action Group. This elite unit specializes in counter terrorism, hostage rescue and other special operations tasks. The NSG was established with a mission to protect Indian citizens from terrorist attacks on their homeland as well as abroad. Survival Instincts has provided them with specialized equipment and rigorous physical conditioning programs that have been designed for this specific purpose allowing these brave soldiers to carry out their duties effectively while minimizing risk when facing dangerous situations or hostile environments. With survival instinct s assistance, the Black Cat Commandos are now better equipped than ever before in order to keep our nation safe!

Women in India can now benefit from the Women's Travel Safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. These safety courses are designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills that will help them stay safe while travelling, both domestically and internationally. The course covers topics such as identifying risk factors understanding personal security using situational awareness techniques for avoiding danger learning self defense strategies against physical attacks or sexual assaults exploring communication tactics when faced with threatening situations etc., enabling women to be more confident during their travels. With these comprehensive training sessions, Survival Instincts is committed towards promoting a safer travel experience for all its female customers across India!

Women in India face a unique set of challenges, which is why Survival Instincts Company offers specialized self defense trainings for women. These classes focus on teaching participants to recognize and respond effectively to potential threats or attacks. The sessions are conducted by experienced instructors who guide the students through physical drills as well as mental exercises that help build confidence and increase awareness about personal safety measures. In addition, they also provide information regarding legal rights so that individuals can take appropriate action if needed. By equipping them with essential skills such as situational assessment, verbal de escalation techniques, striking strategies etc., these courses empower female members of society to protect themselves against any form of violence or aggression while living life fearlessly!

Women in India are increasingly facing workplace safety issues, leading to a greater need for training and education on the matter. Survival Instincts Company is at the forefront of providing such trainings with their Women's Workplace Safety Program. The program focuses on educating women about identifying risks that they may encounter while working or travelling as well as teaching them techniques to protect themselves from potential harm. It also provides guidance regarding legal rights related to harassment and other gender based violence so that participants can seek help if needed. By equipping female workers with these tools, this comprehensive workshop helps ensure safe work environments where everyone feels secure and respected regardless of gender identity or background

Survival Instincts Company offers American Red Cross certified first aid training programs in India. Participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to respond confidently in emergency situations, such as cardiac arrest or stroke. The courses are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to be prepared should a medical crisis arise. Through interactive activities like role play scenarios, participants learn how to assess an injury quickly and take appropriate action while remaining calm under pressure. Upon completion of these comprehensive classes, students receive certificates that demonstrate their understanding of basic life support techniques including CPR AED use, wound care management and more essential safety protocols.

Survival Instincts Company provides Emergency First Responder training programs in India that are certified by the American Red Cross. These courses cover a variety of topics, such as how to recognize and respond to medical emergencies, provide basic life support techniques like CPR and first aid care for injuries or sudden illnesses, assess an emergency scene safely and quickly identify hazards present at the site. The program also educates participants on managing stress during critical situations while providing necessary help without putting their own safety at risk. It is essential for everyone to be prepared with these skills so they can act appropriately when faced with unpredictable circumstances involving danger or injury.

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs for law enforcement in India. Their SWAT and Commando Training Programs are designed to give officers the skills they need to handle dangerous situations with confidence. The program focuses on teaching tactics, weapons handling, physical fitness, combat shooting techniques and decision making strategies that can help police personnel respond quickly and safely when faced with a life threatening situation or terrorist attack. Additionally, participants learn about advanced search procedures as well as crowd control measures which may be necessary during high risk operations such as hostage rescue missions or drug busts. With these comprehensive courses from Survival Instincts Company's highly experienced instructors ,law enforcement professionals will have access to up to date knowledge of modern day policing methods so that they can successfully carry out their duties while protecting themselves and others around them at all times

Survival Instincts Company, based in India, offers a range of professional training courses. These include Fire Suppression Training which teaches the safe use of firefighting equipment and techniques Technical Rescue Training to equip responders with knowledge on how to rescue people from hazardous situations such as collapsed buildings or high rise rescues Structural Collapse Rescue Training for those who want to learn about rescuing victims trapped by structural collapse due to natural disasters like earthquakes or floods and Aquatic Flood RescueTraining that focuses on water safety awareness and aquatic search recovery operations. All these trainings are designed keeping in mind the latest industry standards so participants can be confident they have received quality instruction.

Survival Instincts Company provides comprehensive training programs for the various paramilitary forces of India's Home Ministry. These include Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force and Central Industrial Security Force among others. Their courses are designed to help personnel hone their skills in a variety of areas such as weapons handling and marksmanship, combat tactics strategy development physical fitness medical first aid techniques etc., thus enabling them to perform optimally when deployed on duty at sensitive border locations or during anti insurgency operations. The company also offers specialized instruction related to counter terrorism activities with an emphasis on survival strategies that can be used effectively under adverse conditions.

Survival Instincts is a leading training provider for India's special forces. The company offers comprehensive programs to equip personnel of the National Security Guard, NSG Special Action Group, Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion with modern tactics and strategies. It also provides specialized courses in advanced warfare techniques for Navy MARCOS (Marine Commandos), Air Force Garuds, Research Analysis Wing Special Group as well as other units from Ministry of Defense under Government of India. All their trainings are designed to help participants hone skills such as marksmanship proficiency or physical endurance that will prepare them better when facing unique challenges on duty.


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