We the People of India Believe: Stop Using the Indian Army for Politics!

Support the Indian Army: Stop Politicising We Believe!

Let's make it clear: politics should stay away from the Indian Army We the people of India believe and have faith in them!

We the People of India Demand that the Indian Army Not be Used for Political Gains: SHARE ON YOUR WALL!

We the People of India Demand that the Indian Army Not be Used for Political Gains: SHARE ON YOUR WALL!

SHARE ON YOUR WALL if you believe the Indian Army! Stop using the Indian Army for politics!!! We, the people of India, believe the Indian Army more than you Politicians who doubt that surgical strikes were conducted on terror camps across the LOC - and that they neutralized scores of terrorists. We believe the Indian Army more because, The Indian Army guards our borders at 17000 feet altitude, where there is hardly any oxygen and temperatures are sub zero, while you politicians sleep happily in AC rooms… The Indian Army expresses their valor and courage risking their lives, while you politicians preach hollow words from podiums… The Indian Army keeps vigil with minimum rest and sleep at the borders, while you politicians happily travel in heavily armed motorcades, at the tax payers cost… The Indian Army does not need photos and videos to prove that they did something, while you politicians make every event a photo opportunity… The Indian Army has its own reasons for not releasing photos and videos of the surgical strikes, because their lives are at risk if specific information leaks out… So if you Mr. Politician wants pictures or videos of the surgical strikes as proof of Indian Army’s valor, GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOC AND GET THE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS YOURSELF!!! ~ A Common Indian

The Indian Army is a symbol of strength and patriotism for the people of India. It has been used in times of peace, to protect our borders from external threats, as well as during internal conflicts. However, it should not be misused or exploited by any political force for their own gain at the expense of national security or public welfare. We urge all citizens to SHARE ON YOUR WALL if they believe that this practice must stop immediately so that we can continue trusting our army with protecting us without fear or doubt! Let's stand together against those who try to manipulate the institution which stands steadfastly behind each one of us let s show them what true unity looks like!

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