Encourage All Indians to Sign and Fight for Freedom of Speech: Reach 1000!

Sign Now to STAND UP for Democracy in India Share and Enlist Others!

Let's rally together to protect our right to freedom of religion speech and peaceful assembly! Help us reach 1000 signatures by sharing on your wall! SignToProtectOurRights

Encourage Indians to Sign for 1 000 Signatures: Protecting Religion and Free Speech in China.

Encourage Indians to Sign for 1 000 Signatures: Protecting Religion and Free Speech in China.

Reaching 1000 signatures! Encourage every Indian to SIGN by sharing on your wall. China can ban religion, free speech, peaceful assembly and protest. But it threatens India when we protect our citizens from being POISONED by toxic 'Made in China' products.

India is a country of great diversity, and it's important to protect the right of its citizens to express themselves freely. To that end, an online petition has been launched calling on all Indians to sign in support for basic human rights such as freedom of religion, speech and peaceful assembly or protest. The goal is 1000 signatures already nearly 200 have signed up! We urge everyone who cares about India's future democracy and freedoms to join us by adding their name today. Show your solidarity with this cause spread the word through social media so more people can learn about what s at stake here! Together we can make sure our voices are heard loud and clear: no one should be denied these fundamental rights just because they live in India

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