Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department Conducts Quake Response Drill at Ezhilagam with Survival Instincts.

Survival Instincts teams up with Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department to successfully conduct a Quake Response Drill at Ezhilagam!

Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department along with Survival Instincts conducted a successful Quake Response Drill at Ezhilagam.

Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department Survival Instincts Conduct Quake Response Drill at Ezhilagam

Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department Survival Instincts Conduct Quake Response Drill at Ezhilagam

Quake Response Drill was conducted at Ezhilagam by Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department along with Survival Instincts.

The Ezhilagam complex in Chennai, India recently experienced a simulated earthquake as part of the Tamilnadu Disaster Management and Mitigation Department's Quake Response Drill. The drill was conducted with assistance from Survival Instincts, an emergency preparedness training provider that specializes in natural disasters. Through this exercise, personnel were trained to respond quickly and correctly when facing seismic events such as earthquakes or tsunamis. During the drill participants learned how to identify potential hazards like falling debris they also practiced proper evacuation techniques for maximum safety during real life emergencies. By conducting these drills regularly at various locations across the state of Tamil Nadu, authorities are ensuring citizens have access to life saving skills should disaster strike without warning

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