Indians Thrive at Rio Paralympics Winning Gold and Bronze in High Jump.

Willpower Knows No Bounds: India Shines at Rio Paralympics with Thangavelu and Bhati Winning Gold Bronze in High Jump.

Our proudest moment: Indian athletes Thangavelu and Bhati prove the indomitable strength of will power by clinching Gold Bronze in High Jump at Rio Paralympics!

Rio Paralympics: Indians' Proudest Moments as Thangavelu Clinches Gold and Bhati Bronze in High Jump Showcasing Will Power at its Finest!

Rio Paralympics: Indians' Proudest Moments as Thangavelu Clinches Gold and Bhati Bronze in High Jump Showcasing Will Power at its Finest!

Proudest Moments for Us Indians: Rio Paralympics: M. Thangavelu Clinches Gold, Varun Bhati Bronze in High Jump: Will Power Knows No Bounds!

The recent Rio Paralympics have been a proud moment for Indians, with M Thangavelu clinching the gold medal in men's high jump and Varun Bhati winning bronze. Their will power to overcome all odds has been an inspiration to us all. The fact that they achieved this feat despite their physical disabilities is truly commendable it shows how hard work and dedication can help one achieve anything if he puts his mind into it! It gives us hope that we too can do something extraordinary no matter what our current situation may be. This success of Indian athletes at such a prestigious event also proves beyond doubt that India stands tall on the world stage when it comes to sportsmanship and excellence.

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