Preventing Tragedy: Teaching Kids Earthquake Safety .

Educate to Prevent: How Parents Teachers Can Help Avoid Tragedies Like the Earthquake of 12 School Girls.

Let's increase awareness and educate ourselves on how to stay safe during an earthquake so tragedies like the death of 12 school girls can be avoided.

Parents and Teachers: Learn How To Avoid Similar Tragedies During Earthquakes

Parents and Teachers: Learn How To Avoid Similar Tragedies During Earthquakes

Please share to increase awareness. 12 SCHOOL GIRLS TRAMPLED TO DEATH IN EARTHQUAKE!! How to avoid such a mishap during an earthquake? Parents and teachers please share this training video.

It is heartbreaking to hear the news that twelve school girls were trampled to death in an earthquake. Such a tragedy could have been avoided if proper safety protocols had been put into place, and it serves as a reminder of how important preparedness can be during natural disasters. Parents should educate their children on what they need to do when faced with an impending quake such as finding cover under tables or desks, staying away from windows, and not running outside while shaking continues. Teachers also play key roles by being aware of safe evacuation routes within schools so students are able to exit safely without panicking. Finally, having drills for earthquakes at least once every semester will help ensure everyone knows exactly where they must go during these situations this way no one gets left behind or runs towards danger instead of safety

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