Gain Invaluable Leadership Skills: Winter Camp Registrations Open December 20 24 at Kodaikanal!

Register now for Kodaikanal's Winter Camp and gain invaluable leadership skills with global recognition!

Gain invaluable leadership skills and gain global recognition by registering for our winter camp December 20 24 at Kodaikanal!

Register for Our Winter Camp at Kodaikanal Before December 24th to Gain Valuable Leadership Skills and Global Recognition!

Register for Our Winter Camp at Kodaikanal Before December 24th to Gain Valuable Leadership Skills and Global Recognition!

OUR WINTER CAMP REGISTRATIONS OPEN ! December 20-24 at Kodaikanal. Read below for details. Gain invaluable leadership skills and a globally recognized certification, at our 2013 Winter Camp at Kodaikanal, this Christmas Holidays. Limited seats only. HURRY and REGISTER by calling 9176693015. About the Program ------------- The camp will be conducted for select students from colleges. The purpose is to develop organizational skills, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills of participants. The training will focus on exercises and activities that will help learn valuable lessons for success. Today invariably students find their careers in the corporate world – one that is filled with tough survival challenges and cut throat competition. The only environment that is more hostile to survival than the corporate world is the outback wilderness. The mode of training itself is competition based, with teams from various colleges competing with each other for overall victory. Competitive exercises will include both wilderness and urban problem solving, complicated navigations, communication under challenging environments, signaling, shelter building, fire building etc. This is not an exercise for the weak hearted or those who are mentally or physically unprepared for the challenges. Its for those who would strive through difficulties to emerge as the victor. Where is it held? ------------- At a private camping ground in Kodaikanal. Stay will be in privately owned SAFE and SECURE camps leased by our company. Expedition safety criteria will be in accordance with international standards prescribed by the American Red Cross. An American Red Cross certified Emergency Medical Responder, American Lifeguard Association certified professional lifeguard, and a Center for Wilderness Safety certified rescue expert will be present ON CAMP SITE 24/7. Team will travel by train and/or bus to the campsite. When is it? -------- Camp is held on 21st (Saturday), 22nd (Sunday), 23rd (Christmas Holidays) of December 2013. All teams will leave Chennai to the campsite on 20th December evening at 5:00 pm. All teams will return to Chennai 24th October morning at 8:00 am. Registrations will be open till seats are filled out. What is the cost? ------------- Camp fee of Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only (Rs.1500/-) and registration fee of Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only (Rs.1500/-). The above TOTAL FEE of Rupees Three Thousand Only (Rs.3000/-) is all inclusive, including Travel, Accommodation, Food, and common incidental expenses. Please note this fee is NO-PROFIT and is charged only to cover costs. Participants need not carry or spend any other money except for personal incidental purchases. Full fee must be paid at the time of registration, so that train tickets can be booked. Late fee payers will NOT be assured of train journey and may have to travel instead by bus. Who can participate? ----------------- You must be between 18-25 years of age as on December 20, 2013. Team leaders will be picked from the participants and the participants will be split into 3 or 4 teams. How safe is it? ----------- Survival Instincts and American Red Cross are internationally respected safety-training organizations. We have conducted expeditions, treks and camps participated by thousands, WITHOUT A SINGLE INCIDENT of injury or fatality. In short our safety record is 100% However, this still doesn’t make us careless. Expedition safety criteria will be in accordance with international standards prescribed by the American Red Cross. An American Red Cross certified Emergency Medical Responder, professional lifeguard, and a wilderness rescue expert will be present ON CAMP SITE 24/7. We also maintain safety certifications from the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (UK), Safety Institute of Australia, and Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. Summarily, each participants health, security and safety, is a responsibility we fully, completely and very seriously undertake. What are the benefits of Attending? ----------------------------- Participate in world-class leadership exercises. Obtain a globally recognized leadership certification. Have fun productively at a wilderness camp. Compete with others to win the overall leading team award. Compete individually for the leadership awards. Be felicitated at a ceremony attended by Chennai’s leading corporate houses. Contact for Further Information -------------------------- Vasumathi V 9176693015

Our winter camp registrations open December 20 24 at Kodaikanal and offer an incredible opportunity for growth. Participants will gain invaluable leadership skills, a globally recognized certification in outdoor education, as well as the chance to build strong connections with likeminded individuals who share similar interests. With experienced instructors leading activities such as trekking, rock climbing and rappelling it's sure to be an unforgettable experience! So don't miss out on this amazing adventure register today before spots fill up quickly!

Women in India can now benefit from the invaluable travel safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. Their classes are designed to help women become more aware of their surroundings and equip them with strategies for staying safe while travelling alone or abroad. The courses cover topics such as personal security, risk assessment, cultural awareness and basic self defense techniques that can be used if needed. Participants also learn how to identify potential threats before they arise so they know when it is best to avoid a situation altogether or take action instead. With these skills under their belt, women will feel empowered on all of their travels knowing that they have taken steps towards ensuring ultimate safety wherever life takes them!

Women in India can now benefit from Survival Instincts Company's self defense trainings. These sessions are designed to help women develop the skills and knowledge necessary for them to protect themselves against physical attacks, as well as build confidence and awareness of their surroundings. The courses include topics such as situational assessment techniques, body language recognition, verbal de escalation tactics, striking strategies with common objects found around us like keys or pens etc., ground fighting defense technique training more. Participants also learn how to recognize potential threats before they occur so that they may be better prepared if an attack does happen. With these comprehensive classes available at affordable prices by Survival Instincts Company , Indian women have access to a valuable resource which will empower them both mentally and physically!

Women in India are increasingly taking charge of their safety and security at the workplace. Survival Instincts Company is helping to empower them by providing Women's Workplace Safety trainings that focus on developing skills such as self defense, conflict resolution strategies and personal safety awareness. The sessions also include topics like sexual harassment laws, gender sensitization protocols, stress management techniques and emergency response plans for women facing any kind of violence or threat while working outside home. With these comprehensive trainings offered by Survival Instincts Company, more Indian women can now feel safe enough to pursue their professional goals with confidence!

The American Red Cross is a globally renowned organization that certifies first aid training programs. Survival Instincts Company, based in India, provides such certified courses to help people gain the necessary skills and knowledge required for emergency situations. The company's trainers are experienced professionals with years of expertise who have been trained by instructors from the American Red Cross itself. These classes cover topics ranging from basic life support techniques to dealing with medical emergencies like cardiac arrest or strokes as well as natural disasters management and more advanced rescue operations using specialized equipment when needed. With their comprehensive curriculum students can be assured they will receive high quality instruction at an affordable price making these courses invaluable resources for individuals looking to learn how best respond during critical moments of need

The American Red Cross certified Emergency First Responder training program offered by Survival Instincts Company in India is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for responding to medical emergencies. The courses cover a wide range of topics, such as assessing an emergency situation, providing basic life support techniques like CPR or AED use, recognizing signs of shock or stroke symptoms and treating wounds safely. Participants also learn about accident prevention strategies that can help reduce risks before they occur. Upon successful completion of the course participants are awarded certification from both American Red Cross and Survival Instincts Company acknowledging their achievement in gaining this valuable skill set which could potentially save lives during times when timely first aid response matters most!

Law Enforcement Commando (LEC) and Police Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) training programs by Survival Instincts Company are designed to help law enforcement personnel across India hone their skills. These courses provide a variety of scenarios that allow participants to practice the tactics necessary for responding quickly and effectively in high risk situations such as hostage rescue operations, counter terrorism activities, active shooter incidents or other emergency response deployments. The LEC program focuses on developing commando level proficiency while SWAT emphasizes tactical decision making under pressure with an emphasis on safety protocols. Both these specialized trainings ensure officers have the latest knowledge needed to protect citizens from criminal activity at all times.

Survival Instincts Company, based in India, offers comprehensive and extensive training for a range of safety related activities. Fire Suppression Training teaches participants how to use fire suppression systems efficiently Technical Rescue Training covers the skills needed to rescue people from hazardous situations safely Structural Collapse Rescue Training equips trainees with knowledge on rescuing victims that may be trapped under collapsed structures or debris fields Aquatic Flood RescueTraining provides instruction on responding effectively during floods and other aquatic incidents. All courses are designed by experienced professionals who understand the importance of risk management when it comes to emergency response operations.

Survival Instincts Company provides specialized training programs for the paramilitary forces of Indian Home Ministry, such as Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Patrol (ITBP), Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Force. These courses are designed to equip personnel with knowledge on counter terrorism operations, communication skills in hostile environments, tactical combat drills and self defense techniques. The company also offers customized packages depending upon specific needs arising from operational requirements or organizational objectives. All these services have been developed keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by police force deployed at borders or remote areas across India's vast geography.

Survival Instincts is a premier company in India offering specialized training programs for the special forces of Ministry of Defense, Government of India. These include National Security Guard (NSG), NSG Special Action Group, NSG Special Rangers Group, Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion as well as MARCOS from Indian Navy and Garuds from Indian Air Force along with Research Analysis Wing's special group and other elite units like the prestigious Indian Special Frontier Force. The courses are designed to enhance their physical capabilities through rigorous exercises that help build strength endurance while also focusing on mental agility by imparting strategies necessary for successful operations in hostile environments or challenging situations during missions.


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