Kodaikanal Readies for Leadership Camp with 30 Excited Participants During Pooja Holidays!

Experience the Fun of Leadership at Kodaikanal with Our Campers!

We can't wait to experience the wonder of Kodaikanal as our 30 campers embark on their leadership journey this Pooja holiday season!

Kodaikanal Prepares to Welcome 30 Campers for Leadership Camp During Pooja Holidays

Kodaikanal Prepares to Welcome 30 Campers for Leadership Camp During Pooja Holidays

OUR CAMP SITE IS READY Kodaikanal gets ready to welcome our 30 campers participating in our leadership camp during Pooja Holidays. This is a photograph of the site pre-tents / pre-camping gear. For more information on our December Camp, call 9176693015.

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station located in the southern part of India and it's ready to welcome our 30 campers for an amazing leadership camp during Pooja Holidays. Our campsite has been set up with all necessary amenities such as tents, sleeping bags, mattresses etc., along with basic provisions like food items and drinking water. Additionally we have also arranged recreational activities including trekking trails around the lake area that will help participants explore their inner strength through team building exercises while having fun at same time! We are looking forward to this exciting experience which promises lots of learning opportunities as well as memories that will last forever!

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