Nominated for Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

I'm honored to be the Nominee of the Team Player Award for Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

I am honored to be nominated for the Team Player Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Nominee of Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Announced

Nominee of Team Player Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Announced

Nominee of the Team Player Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 says..

At the Autumn Leadership Camp 2014, it was clear that one particular nominee for the Team Player Award had earned a great deal of respect from his peers. His willingness to help out in any situation and always put team goals ahead of personal gain made him stand out as an exemplary leader among his colleagues. He worked hard during camp activities and showed initiative when taking on new tasks or challenges. The other nominees were also highly capable individuals but this individual's commitment to working together with others rather than competing against them truly resonated with everyone at camp. It is no surprise then why he received such recognition by being nominated for the Team Player Award!

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