Nominee Wins Survivor Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

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Congratulations to the Nominee of the Survivor Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Candidate announced as Nominee of the Survivor Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

Candidate announced as Nominee of the Survivor Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

Nominee of the Survivor Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

The Autumn Leadership Camp of 2014 has nominated an individual for the prestigious Survivor Award. This award is presented to a person who demonstrates exceptional courage, strength and perseverance in overcoming obstacles during their camp experience. The nominee's story stands out above all others as they have shown remarkable dedication throughout this challenging program. They faced every challenge head on with determination and resilience that sets them apart from other participants always striving towards success regardless of any hardships encountered along the way. It is no surprise then that such an inspiring young leader was chosen for recognition by being awarded this honor at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

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