Nominee Receives Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

I'm honored to be nominated for the Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

I'm honored to have been nominated for the Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Nominee of Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Announced.

Nominee of Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 Announced.

Nominee of the Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 says.

The Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 was presented to a deserving nominee who demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and commitment. This individual showed courage, integrity, loyalty and selflessness throughout the camp activities while motivating others with their enthusiasm. The awardee also displayed an unwavering dedication in helping those around them succeed providing support whenever necessary. It is clear that this person has made significant contributions towards creating a positive environment within the camp community during its duration. Their outstanding performance earned them much deserved recognition for being recognized as one of the most promising leaders at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014

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