Nominee Wins Professional Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

I'm honored to be the Nominee of the Professional Award for Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

I'm proud to be the Nominee of the Professional Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Nominee Announced for Autumn Leadership Camp's Professional Award in 2014

Nominee Announced for Autumn Leadership Camp's Professional Award in 2014

Nominee of the Professional Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 says..

Nominee of the Professional Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 was an outstanding individual. His commitment to excellence and dedication to success were evident throughout his time there. He had a great ability for problem solving, working well with others, and taking initiative when needed all qualities that make him stand out from other participants in the camp. On top of this he also showed remarkable enthusiasm which made it easy for everyone around him to be inspired by his actions as well as motivated during difficult times or tasks. It is clear why Nominee has been awarded such a prestigious award he truly deserves every bit of recognition!

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