Madhavi Khemka Named Nominee for Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014.

Honored to be nominated for The Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

I'm honoured to be the Nominee of The Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014!

Madhavi Khemka Named Nominee for Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014

Madhavi Khemka Named Nominee for Soldier Award at Autumn Leadership Camp 2014

Nominee of The Soldier Award of Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 says Madhavi Khemka

Madhavi Khemka, the nominee of The Soldier Award for Autumn Leadership Camp 2014 is a true inspiration. She has been an exemplary leader in her community and school since she was young. Her dedication to service and commitment to excellence have made Madhavi stand out from many other candidates this year. In addition, her enthusiasm towards helping others further reinforces why she deserves such recognition at the camp's awards ceremony. Not only does Madhavi possess strong leadership skills but also demonstrates great courage when facing difficult situations or tasks with determination and grace every time. It is no surprise that people around her admire how hardworking yet humble she remains despite all of these accomplishments!

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