Ninth Theatre Performance at Top School for Girls in Chennai Raises Awareness Regarding Prevention of Child Abuse.

Uplift Our Girls Help End Child Abuse: Join the Ninth Theatre Performance of Our Awareness Program!

We are thrilled to have the ninth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of child abuse at one of Chennai's top schools for girls!

Girls at Chennai's Top School Show Support for Child Abuse Prevention During Ninth Theatre Performance.

Girls at Chennai's Top School Show Support for Child Abuse Prevention During Ninth Theatre Performance.

Ninth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of #childabuse in one of the top schools for girls in Chennai

The ninth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of child abuse was held in one of Chennai's top schools for girls. The play, which highlighted various aspects related to this sensitive issue, received an overwhelming response from the audience. Through its powerful dialogues and engaging characters, it sought to sensitize students about their safety as well as that of others around them. It also encouraged young minds to be open minded towards seeking help when needed and not feel ashamed or scared while doing so. After a successful show filled with emotions ranging from laughter to tears we hope these children will now grow up better equipped against any forms of physical or mental harm they may face in life ahead!

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