Join Our Rally to HELP: 9th Mime on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Lady Sivaswami Iyer HS!

Stand Up and ACT: Join our rally to HELP Women's Safety in Public Transportation!

Join our rally to HELP EndWomenHarassment and make public transportation safe for all!

Join Our Rally to Help Ensure Women's Safety in Public Transportation Lady Sivaswami Iyer Higher Secondary School Mimes Series 9

Join Our Rally to Help Ensure Women's Safety in Public Transportation Lady Sivaswami Iyer Higher Secondary School Mimes Series 9

Nineth in the series of our mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation at Lady Sivaswami Iyer Higher Secondary School. Join our rally to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE! Sunday 23 @ 6:00 AM join us at Marina Beach for an awareness rally by Madras Anchorage Round Table 100, in association with Survival Instincts, to increase awareness of Women's Safety while traveling. Visit for more details to HELP HER TRAVEL SAFE

At Lady Sivaswami Iyer Higher Secondary School, we are hosting the nineth in our series of mimes on Women's Safety in Public Transportation. This rally is a call to action for everyone who wants to make sure that women can travel safely and without fear when using public transportation. We invite you all students, teachers, parents and community members alike to join us as we strive towards making this goal come true! By taking part together, each one of us will be able to create an environment where safety comes first ensuring that no woman ever has to face harassment or violence while travelling by bus or train again. So let s unite with a common purpose: HELP!

Women in India face unique safety issues while travelling, which is why Survival Instincts Company offers specialised Women's Travel Safety trainings. These courses provide women with the tools to protect themselves and stay safe when they are on their own or exploring new places. The training covers topics such as situational awareness, self defence techniques and risk assessment strategies that can be applied anywhere around the world. Participants also gain access to a network of experienced female travellers who share tips for staying secure abroad. With these practical skills at hand, Indian women now have more confidence to travel safely both domestically within India and internationally beyond its borders!

Women's self defense is an important skill to have in India, considering the prevalence of violence against women. Survival Instincts Company provides comprehensive trainings that equip participants with techniques and strategies for defending themselves from physical attacks or harassment. The courses taught by experienced instructors cover topics such as avoidance tactics, striking skills, ground fighting principles and understanding body language cues among others. It also includes mental conditioning exercises which help build confidence so individuals can react effectively when faced with a threat situation. Participants are encouraged to practice what they learn regularly in order to stay prepared at all times during their daily lives.

India is a rapidly developing country, and workplace safety should be an important priority for employers. Survival Instincts Company provides trainings to help ensure women's safety in the workplace. The company offers tailored programs that focus on increasing awareness of harassment issues as well as basic self defense techniques. These sessions are designed to empower female employees with skills they can use if faced with dangerous situations while at work or traveling home from their job sites. Additionally, these courses also provide education about legal rights related to gender discrimination and violence against women so that workers know what actions they can take when confronted by such incidents. By investing in this kind of training now, companies will create safer workplaces for all staff members regardless of gender identity which ultimately benefits everyone involved!

Survival Instincts Company offers American Red Cross certified first aid training programs in India. These courses are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to respond effectively when faced with an emergency situation or medical crisis. The comprehensive curriculum covers topics such as basic life support, wound care, shock management and infection control among many others. Participants gain valuable insight into how best to manage a wide range of situations that can arise during their everyday lives from minor scrapes at home all the way up through serious incidents requiring professional medical attention outside of hospital settings. With Survival Instincts' experienced instructors providing guidance every step along the way, individuals learn invaluable techniques for preserving human life while also building confidence in their own abilities should any kind of health related incident occur unexpectedly near them in future

Emergency First Responder training programs offered by Survival Instincts Company in India are certified by the American Red Cross. These courses provide individuals with skills and knowledge to respond quickly, effectively and safely during emergency situations. Participants learn important techniques such as assessing a scene for safety, recognizing signs of illness or injury, providing basic life support care until more advanced medical help arrives on site. The program also covers how to use automated external defibrillators (AED) that can be used when someone is suffering from cardiac arrest due to shockable rhythm disturbances. Upon successful completion of this course participants will receive an Emergency First Responder certification valid worldwide which demonstrates their commitment towards helping others in need during emergencies

Law Enforcement Commando training programs have become increasingly popular in India, and Survival Instincts Company is at the forefront of this trend. The company provides specialized SWAT training courses to police officers across the country, designed to enhance their tactical capabilities when responding to high risk situations. This comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics such as weapons handling techniques, hostage negotiation strategies and close quarter combat tactics. Participants also receive practical instruction on how best utilize available resources during operations so that they can respond quickly with maximum efficiency while minimizing risk exposure for both themselves and civilians alike.

Survival Instincts Company in India offers comprehensive training for a variety of rescue operations. Fire Suppression Training is designed to equip personnel with the skills and knowledge required to respond effectively in fire emergencies, while Technical Rescue Training focuses on rope access techniques used during high angle rescues. Structural Collapse Rescue courses provide instruction on how best to handle debris related incidents safely and efficiently, whilst Aquatic Flood Rescues teach participants about swift water safety procedures as well as boat handling methods for use when rescuing people from flooded areas or other bodies of water. These programs are essential components of any successful emergency response plan anywhere across the world today!

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs for paramilitary forces of the Indian Home Ministry, such as Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Patrol (ITBP), Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Force. These courses are designed to help personnel understand their roles better in order to perform more effectively while on duty. The program also focuses on enhancing physical fitness levels so that they can be prepared for any situation or emergency with confidence and agility. It includes a variety of exercises like obstacle course drills, combat techniques tactics simulation, endurance tests etc., which helps them gain proficiency in various skills required during operations. Survival Instincts' experienced trainers provide guidance throughout these sessions ensuring safety along with imparting knowledge about modern equipment used by security force today .

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs for the special forces of Ministry of Defense, Government of India. This includes National Security Guard (NSG) Special Action Group and NSG Special Rangers Group Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion Indian Navy MARCOS Indian Air Force Garuds Research Analysis Wing's special group as well as other elite units from across India. The company has developed a comprehensive program that covers physical conditioning, combat tactics, weapons handling skills along with mental toughness to ensure success in operations conducted by these highly trained personnel. Additionally Survival Instincts provides advanced courses on counter terrorism techniques which are essential for field operatives deployed in hostile environments or challenging missions where failure is not an option!


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