Dr Sylendra Babu IPS and the CSG Marine Police: No Lives Left Behind in Chennai Floods.

Join Dr. Sylendra Babu IPS in His Heroism to 'Leave No Lives Behind' during Chennai Floods!

The heroism of Dr Sylendra Babu IPS and the Coastal Security Group Marine Police during Chennai floods will never be forgotten.

Chief Dr Sylendra Babu IPS Demonstrates Heroism During Chennai Floods with the Coastal Security Group Marine Police's 'No Lives Left Behind' Initiative .

Chief Dr Sylendra Babu IPS Demonstrates Heroism During Chennai Floods with the Coastal Security Group Marine Police's 'No Lives Left Behind' Initiative .

NO LIVES LEFT BEHIND! The heroic efforts during Chennai floods of the Coastal Security Group (Marine Police) Chief Dr. Sylendra Babu, IPS, Additional Director General of Police, to ensure no one, human or otherwise, perish in the floods. It takes courage, conviction, and tremendous skills to lead from the front, such a disaster rescue operation. Our salute to this officer, and a true gentleman! with Sylendra Babu IPS

Dr Sylendra Babu IPS Additional Director General of Police, Coastal Security Group Marine Police Chief, is a true hero. His quick thinking and decisive action during the Chennai floods saved thousands from disaster. He led his team in providing relief to those stranded by organizing boats for rescue operations and coordinating with local authorities to provide food supplies on time. Dr Babu's leadership was instrumental in ensuring that no lives were left behind as he worked tirelessly around the clock throughout the crisis period without rest or respite until all affected people had been rescued safely back home. His dedication has earned him great respect among both locals and officials alike who are thankful for his brave actions at such difficult times when it mattered most!

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