Respecting NIRBHAYA: A Year Since She Kindled the Fire in Our Hearts.

Honoring NIRBHAYA: A year of kindled fire in our hearts that will not be forgotten.

We remember and honor NIRBHAYA a year since she inspired us to fight for justice. JusticeForNirbhaya

One Year Since Nirbhaya: A Token of Respect to Share on Our Walls

One Year Since Nirbhaya: A Token of Respect to Share on Our Walls

NIRBHAYA - a year since she kindled the fire in our hearts! Please SHARE on your wall as a token of respect!

One year ago, the brutal gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi sparked an unprecedented wave of outrage and protest across India. Dubbed 'Nirbhaya' meaning fearless one her story brought to light the endemic problem of gender violence that has plagued Indian society for centuries. Her courage inspired millions around the world to take action against such heinous crimes, leading many governments to introduce new laws designed specifically with women's safety in mind. A year later, Nirbhaya is remembered as a symbol not only for justice but also hope she showed us all what it means to be brave despite insurmountable odds. Let us honour this remarkable spirit by continuing our fight until every girl can live free from fear and oppression!

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