More Than 2500 Supporters Attend Survival Instincts Save the Girl Child Rally at Marina Beach Chennai.

Let's join hands and make an impact together we can support the Girl Child at this Survival Instincts Save The Girl Child Rally!

More than 2500 supporters gathered at Chennai's Marina Beach this morning to support Survival Instincts' Save the Girl Child Rally.

More than 2500 Supporters Rally at the Marina Beach Chennai to Advocate for Girl Children's Rights .

More than 2500 Supporters Rally at the Marina Beach Chennai to Advocate for Girl Children's Rights .

More than 2500 supporters at the Survival Instincts 'Save the Girl Child Rally' this morning at the Marina Beach, Chennai. Vishalakshi Nedunchezhiyan, Chairperson, Tamilnadu Commission for Women, flagged off the rally. Survival Instincts is a safety training company that trains organizations in Women's Self Defense, Women's Safety, First Aid, Disaster Response and Wilderness Survival. Survival Instincts thanks participants from Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited, CAMS, Ajuba, Asan Memorial College Of Arts & Science, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Ethiraj College for Women, Women's Christian College, Chennai, Mop Vaishnav College , Chennai, St. Ursula's School, Lady Sivaswami Iyer, Rosary Matriculation School for supporting the rally and the cause.

This morning, over 2500 supporters gathered at the Marina Beach in Chennai to attend a rally for the Survival Instincts Save The Girl Child campaign. Vishalakshi Nedunchezhiyan was present as well, inspiring and motivating those around her with her words of support and strength. She spoke about how important it is that we prioritize girls' health, education, safety and security so they can reach their full potential in life without any fear or prejudice against them. Her passionate speech moved many people who had come out to show solidarity towards this cause today an effort which will surely make a difference if implemented properly by all stakeholders involved!

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Survival Instincts Company offers a variety of specialized training programs for the National Security Guard (NSG), Indian Army Paratroopers, and other special forces from India's Ministry of Defense. NSG Special Action Group members are trained in close quarter battle tactics, advanced weapons handling techniques, counter terrorism strategies and operations planning. The NSG Special Rangers group is taught survival skills such as navigation by compass or GPS systems camouflage methods to hide their presence while on missions first aid procedures including medical evacuation protocols plus urban warfare scenarios with live fire exercises. For those serving with the Indian Navy MARCOS unit they receive instruction in amphibious assault drills utilizing small boats and helicopters during simulated combat situations at sea or ashore. Additionally Survival Instincts provides education courses designed specifically for personnel assigned to Research Analysis Wing (RAW) special groups along with Garuds belonging to the Air Force branch who learn aerial insertion techniques into hostile environments via parachute drops followed up by evasion maneuvers if necessary upon landing behind enemy lines


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