Team Invincibles Member Speaks Out.

I'm part of the unstoppable Team Invincibles!

We are unstoppable!

Team Invincibles Member Celebrates Accomplishment.

Team Invincibles Member Celebrates Accomplishment.

Member of Team Invincibles says..

As a member of Team Invincibles, I'm proud to say that we have achieved an incredible amount. We've worked together as a team and pushed each other to our limits in order to see what's possible. Our training has been intense but it was worth every minute because the results speak for themselves be it physical or mental strength, agility or endurance all these attributes were honed within us so that when faced with any challenge we can draw on them and succeed! The camaraderie between us is strong too no matter how difficult things get there will always be someone willing and ready to help out their fellow teammate. It truly feels like family here at Team Invincibles which makes me even more motivated than ever before!

Women in India often face additional risks while travelling, making it important to equip them with the right skills and knowledge. Survival Instincts Company provides specialised trainings on women's travel safety that are designed to help reduce these risks. The sessions cover topics such as personal security awareness, risk assessment strategies, self defence techniques and more all of which can be customised according to individual needs or group requirements. Participants also benefit from post training follow ups where they get access to a community forum for support during their travels. By equipping travellers with essential life saving tools and resources through its Women s Travel Safety Trainings program, Survival Instincts is helping make journeys safer for everyone across India!

Women in India now have access to a new form of self defense training from Survival Instincts Company. This program is designed to help women gain the skills and knowledge necessary for protecting themselves against physical threats, as well as psychological harassment or intimidation. Through this course, participants learn how to identify potential danger signs early on and respond with appropriate countermeasures when needed. The trainings also equip them with strategies that can be used both inside their homes and out in public places like parks or busy streets giving them greater confidence during daily activities outside their home environment.

Women in India are often exposed to a range of risks while working, making workplace safety training an essential tool for keeping them safe. Survival Instincts Company offers specialized trainings that focus on the unique needs and challenges faced by women workers. These sessions cover topics such as how to identify potential hazards in work environments appropriate behavior when interacting with colleagues or customers strategies for dealing with harassment and other forms of discrimination self defense techniques tailored specifically to women's bodies and abilities emergency response protocols specific to each industry sector, etc. By equipping participants with these skillsets through practical workshops conducted at their workplaces, survival instincts company is helping create safer spaces where all genders can thrive without fear or intimidation.

Survival Instincts Company, based in India, provides American Red Cross certified first aid training programs. Its courses are designed to teach individuals the skills they need to respond effectively and confidently when faced with a medical emergency or injury. The company offers both basic and advanced level classes that cover topics such as CPR AED use bleeding control techniques wound care management burn treatment protocols heat related illness prevention strategies fracture immobilization methods, among many others. Participants receive hands on practice using mannequins for realistic simulations of real life scenarios along with theoretical instruction from highly qualified trainers who have years of experience in providing quality education on these matters.

Survival Instincts Company offers American Red Cross certified Emergency First Responder training programs in India. These courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond appropriately and effectively when faced with a medical emergency situation. The program focuses on prevention, recognition, assessment of signs symptoms as well as basic life support techniques such as CPR and AED use for adults, children or infants. In addition to this theoretical instruction there is also practical skill development which includes scenarios that simulate real life situations encountered by first responders during an emergency response callout. Through these comprehensive sessions learners gain confidence in their ability to act quickly under pressure while providing effective care until professional help arrives at the scene of any incident they may encounter

The demand for specialized training in law enforcement is growing rapidly, particularly with the increasing complexity of modern security threats. Survival Instincts Company offers comprehensive SWAT and Law Enforcement Commando (LEC) courses to meet this need. These programs are designed by experienced professionals who have served at various levels within India's police forces and special operations units. The curriculum includes a wide range of topics such as firearms proficiency, tactical decision making skills, defensive tactics techniques, CQB drills hostage rescue operations among others all tailored specifically to Indian requirements. Furthermore, these intensive trainings provide participants with an opportunity to hone their operational capabilities while also developing leadership qualities that will help them excel in their respective roles on the field or behind desks alike!

Survival Instincts Company in India provides comprehensive training for emergency response personnel. Fire Suppression training helps firefighters identify and tackle various types of fires, while Technical Rescue Training teaches responders how to rescue victims from hazardous situations such as high rise buildings or collapsed structures. Structural Collapse Rescue Training equips participants with the skills necessary to handle complex accidents involving structural collapse, and Aquatic Flood Rescue trains rescuers on techniques used during water based operations like floods or river crossings. With these courses Survival Instincts Company is helping equip first responders with essential life saving tools that can be applied in any environment across India .

Survival Instincts Company provides training programs for a variety of paramilitary forces in India, including the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Patrol (ITBP), Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Forces. The company has developed specialized courses to meet the needs of each force based on their respective roles within Indian Home Ministry's security framework. These include basic combat techniques such as unarmed self defense, weapons handling and marksmanship advanced tactical strategies like ambush tactics or counterinsurgency operations physical conditioning drills navigation skills development exercises mission planning sessions and more. By equipping its personnel with these essential tools for success, Survival Instincts is helping ensure that all branches of India s military are well prepared to face any threat they may encounter while safeguarding our country from harm.

Survival Instincts offers comprehensive training programs for special forces of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. These include National Security Guard (NSG) Special Action Group and NSG Special Rangers Group Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battallion Indian Navy MARCOS personnel Garuds from the Indian Air Force as well as Research Analysis Wing's (RAW) special group members. In addition to this, The Survival Instincts Company also provides specialized courses in counter terrorism operations for elite units like the Indian Special Frontier Force. All these trainings are conducted by highly experienced professionals at convenient locations across India with state of the art facilities available throughout all sessions.


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