Survival Instincts: Women Utilise EVADE Simulation for Optimal Safety.

Experience Realistic Women Safety Training with Mangayar Malar's Survival Instincts EVADE Simulated Program!

Women can now learn vital skills to protect themselves through Mangayar Malar's Survival Instincts EVADE Simulation based Women Safety program!

Mangayar Malar Features Survival Instincts EVADE Simulation Based Women Safety Program .

Mangayar Malar Features Survival Instincts EVADE Simulation Based Women Safety Program .

Leading Tamil magazine Mangayar malar features Survival Instincts EVADE - Simulation based Women Safety program

Mangayar Malar, a leading Tamil magazine is featuring Survival Instincts' EVADE Simulation based Women Safety program. This unique and innovative approach to women safety provides an immersive experience to simulate real life scenarios in which they can practice self defense techniques with their own body weight against potential attackers. The interactive session helps participants build confidence by providing them the chance of practicing what it would feel like when faced with dangerous situations on the streets or at home. It also educates its users about identifying suspicious behavior from strangers as well as understanding how one's physical environment could be used for protection during emergencies. With this simulation training, Mangayar Malar aims to equip young girls and women across India so that they are prepared if ever confronted with such circumstances in future

Women's travel safety trainings by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to equip women with the skills and knowledge they need while travelling. These sessions provide an overview of basic personal security, risk awareness, cultural sensitivity and understanding local laws. Participants learn how to assess their own level of comfort when it comes to different situations that may arise during a journey abroad or within India itself. The training also covers topics such as dealing with harassment on public transportation identifying unsafe areas responding safely if threatened or attacked managing money securely while traveling alone etc., so that participants can make informed decisions about their travels no matter where they go.

Women in India are increasingly seeking out self defense training courses to protect themselves against violence and abuse. Survival Instincts Company is a leader in providing such trainings, with the goal of empowering women to take charge of their safety. Their classes emphasize practical skills that can be used by any woman regardless of her physical strength or size. The instructors focus on teaching techniques for avoiding dangerous situations as well as strategies for escaping if confronted by an attacker. Women who complete these sessions gain confidence knowing they have the tools necessary to defend themselves should they ever face danger or attack while alone or with others around them.

Women in India are increasingly taking charge of their safety and security. Survival Instincts Company is helping them do this by providing comprehensive Women's Workplace Safety trainings across the country. The courses cover topics such as personal safety, protection from sexual harassment at work, emergency preparedness for women working alone or travelling late nights etc., equipping participants with knowledge on how to stay safe and secure in any workplace environment. Additionally, Self defense classes are also offered which teach effective techniques that can be used if faced with physical assault or attack while commuting home after a long day at work!

The American Red Cross has partnered with Survival Instincts Company to provide certified first aid training programs in India. These courses are designed for individuals and organizations who want to be prepared for any kind of medical emergency or disaster situation. They cover topics such as basic life support, wound care, CPR techniques and more. The interactive sessions help participants learn the necessary skills required when providing assistance during an emergency event quickly and effectively. With these comprehensive trainings offered by Survival Instincts Company, people can gain confidence in their ability to respond appropriately at a moment's notice if needed potentially even saving lives!

The American Red Cross certified Emergency First Responder training programs by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to help individuals become better prepared for emergencies. Through this program, participants learn the skills and knowledge needed to respond quickly and effectively during a medical emergency or disaster situation. The courses cover topics such as basic life support, first aid techniques, airway management, triage assessment of victims' conditions and more. Participants also gain valuable experience through hands on practice sessions with mannequins that simulate real life scenarios they may encounter on the job. After completing their certification coursework successfully at Survival Instincts Company's accredited facility in India, graduates receive an official certificate from the American Red Cross validating their expertise as qualified responders who can make a difference when it matters most!

Law Enforcement Commando training programs by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to provide police SWAT teams with the necessary skills and knowledge required for tactical operations. The courses cover topics ranging from small arms handling, precision shooting techniques, close quarter combat tactics and operational planning. Participants also gain experience on how to respond effectively during hostage rescue missions or active shooter scenarios. Specialized instructors ensure that each trainee is well versed with all aspects of modern day policing like use of force policies, crowd control strategies as well as legal considerations while conducting search arrest operations. With a focus on team work drills and physical conditioning exercises these highly sought after training sessions have been instrumental in helping law enforcement personnel prepare for any kind of eventuality they may face out there in field duty situations

Survival Instincts Company in India offers a range of specialized training courses. Fire Suppression Training provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to respond quickly, safely and effectively when faced with fire emergencies. Technical Rescue Training equips participants with advanced rescue techniques for responding to complex incidents such as confined space entry or rope access rescues. Structural Collapse Rescue Training prepares trainees to be able handle dangerous situations involving collapsed buildings due to natural disasters like earthquakes or man made events like explosions . Aquatic Flood Rescue Trainings are designed for those who may have face challenging conditions during floods including swift water currents, debris fields etc., so they can act promptly while rescuing people from these hazardous environments

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs for the paramilitary forces of Indian Home Ministry. These include Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force and Central Industrial Security Force. The company has a team of highly experienced professionals who have served in various capacities in these organizations to provide realistic simulation based exercises that help officers prepare better for their duties while on field operations or during hostile situations. Each program is designed with an objective to enhance physical strength as well as mental agility so that personnel can perform optimally under any circumstances they may face in future assignments.

Survival Instincts Company in India offers specialized training programs for the National Security Guard (NSG), Special Action Group, NSG Special Rangers Group, Indian Army Paratroopers and Para Battalion of the Indian Army as well as special forces from Ministry of Defense such as MARCOS from Indian Navy, Garuds from Air Force and RAW Wing's Special group. The courses are designed to help personnel hone their skills so that they can effectively carry out operational tasks with utmost precision while maintaining safety standards. All instructors at Survival Instincts have prior experience serving in these elite units which gives them a unique insight into preparing individuals for success on deployment or combat situations.


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