Tagline: Join us THIS SUNDAY at Chennai Marina Beach on October 6 at 6:45am!

Join us THIS SUNDAY at 6:45 am for a rally from the Chennai Marina Beach!

Join Us This Sunday at 6:45 AM from Chennai Marina Beach!

Join Us This Sunday at 6:45 AM from Chennai Marina Beach!

Join us THIS SUNDAY https://www.facebook.com/events/353405714789559/ Rally with us this Sunday, October 6, at 6:45 am, from the Chennai Marina Beach Gandhi Statue to the Kannagi Statue. Girl children in our country face a multitude of evils. This is your chance to raise your voice against these evils.

Come join us this Sunday for a rally at Chennai Marina Beach! This event is open to everyone and will begin promptly at 6:45 am. We are gathering in support of an important cause, so please bring your friends and family along with you. Our goal is to spread awareness about the issue we care deeply about while also having some fun together as a community. There will be plenty of activities available including music, games, art projects and more! Let's come together on October 6th show our united strength by making our voices heard loud and clear don't miss out on being part of something special!

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