Join Our Rally for the Girl Child in Chennai on Sunday Oct 6 at 6:45 am!

Join us in Chennai on Sunday October 6th at 6:45 AM for a rally to support the girl child at Marina Beach Gandhi Statue!

Join us in Chennai to rally for the girl child on Sunday October 6th at 6:45am at Marina Beach Gandhi Statue!

Join Us for Rally in Chennai to Support the Girl Child!

Join Us for Rally in Chennai to Support the Girl Child!

JOIN OUR RALLY IN CHENNAI FOR THE GIRL CHILD On Sunday, Oct 6 at 6:45 am, Marina Beach Gandhi Statue, Chennai. Call Vasumathi at 9176693015 for more information. What use is your silence? Girl children our country faces the worst of evils. If she succeeds in escaping being killed in the womb, its a struggle against odds of infant mortality, unfair competition with the boys in her family for the scarce education and healthcare resources, an uphill battle against emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, and harassment on the street, at her own household and even at her workplace.

Come join us at Marina Beach in Chennai on Sunday, October 6th to rally for the girl child. This event is a call to action we want all citizens of India and beyond to come together, stand united against gender based discrimination and violence towards girls. Our goal is simple: To raise awareness about this issue so that everyone can take steps forward in ensuring equal rights for every girl regardless of their social or economic background. We also hope that by bringing attention to these issues more people will become involved with organizations working hard everyday protecting children s rights around the world! Everyone who attends will be able make an impact no matter how small it may seem but collectively our voices are powerful enough create real change within society today! So please spread the word far and wide let's show up strong as one voice demanding justice equality for women everywhere!

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