In Honour and Memory of the Nov 26 Mumbai Heroes: India's Elite Military Commando Counter Unit.

Honor the Brave: Remembering India's Elite Counter Terrorist Heroes of Nov. 26th Mumbai Attacks .

We honour and remember the brave heroes of the Mumbai terror attacks who were part of India's most elite military commando group clandestine counter.

In Honor of India's Elite Military Commandos We Remember the Heroes Who Counters Terror on Nov. 26 in Mumbai

In Honor of India's Elite Military Commandos We Remember the Heroes Who Counters Terror on Nov. 26 in Mumbai

In the honour and memory of the heroes of the Nov 26 Mumbai terror attacks, a mix of India's most elite military commando group, clandestine counter terrorism units, covert naval warfare operatives, military special forces soldiers, sensitive security agencies, paramilitary SWAT ops officers, marine and terrestrial commandos, and law enforcement special branch officers, train with Survival Instincts on combat life saving (CLS) operations. National Security Guard NSG (Black Cat Commandos), Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, various central paramilitary agencies and state law enforcement agencies including marine commandos attend the session on Nov 26, 2014 time not disclosed at location not disclosed .

On November 26, 2008, India experienced a devastating terror attack when members of the militant group Lashkar e Taiba launched coordinated attacks in Mumbai. In honour and memory of those who lost their lives during this tragedy as well as to celebrate the heroes who bravely defended against it, a mix of India's most elite military commando groups have been clandestinely counterattacking these militants ever since. The mission is not only one that involves protecting citizens from terrorist threats but also defending Indian values and beliefs with courage and strength. This secret operation has become an example for other nations facing similar challenges around the world on how such tragedies can be prevented through unified action by various security forces working together towards common goals to ensure peace within our borders.

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