Survival Instincts Seeks Intern With Philanthropic Non Profit in McLean Virginia and Washington DC.

Join Survival Instincts at Washington DC and Make a Difference with the Leading Philanthropic Non Profit Foundation in McLean Virginia!

Survival Instincts is excited to partner with a leading philanthropic non profit foundation based in Mc Lean Virginia for an internship opportunity at Washington DC!

Non Profit in Mc Lean VA Seeks Interns for Washington DC with Survival Instincts.

Non Profit in Mc Lean VA Seeks Interns for Washington DC with Survival Instincts.

INTERNSHIP at WASHINGTON DC. A leading philanthropic non-profit foundation based in Mc Lean, Virginia, in association with Survival Instincts, seeks passionate individuals with journalism, english, literature and other creative backgrounds to prepare an editorial journey encompassing text, photography and videography content on how international travellers and students can benefit from the experiential learning at the various Smithsonian institutes in the greater Washington DC area. Stay in DC will be required for 3 months. 50% flight fare and limited living expenses will be reimbursable. No stipend. Selected editorials will be published in leading UNESCO journals, National Geographic and Traveller Magazine. Message us (inbox) with a resume and an explanation of your interest.

The internship program at Washington DC offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in the non profit sector. Participants will have access to resources such as seminars, workshops, lectures and networking events while working with experienced professionals from various fields. The internships are designed for individuals who want an introduction into the world of philanthropy or those seeking hands on research opportunities within their field of expertise. Interns can expect professional development activities that include learning about fundraising strategies, grant writing techniques and organizational management principles among other topics related to nonprofit operations. With this invaluable knowledge gained through direct involvement in meaningful projects interns can make real contributions towards making positive change happen locally across our nation's capital city!

Women in India can now benefit from travel safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. These courses are designed to help equip women with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for safe travels, both at home and abroad. From basic self defense techniques to learning how to protect personal data online, these classes offer valuable insights into staying secure while traveling solo or as part of a group. Participants also learn about cultural norms that should be respected when visiting different places around the world so they know what is expected of them in any given situation. With this training, women will gain confidence knowing they have taken steps towards protecting themselves during their travels!

Women in India are taking their safety into their own hands with self defense trainings offered by Survival Instincts Company. These classes give women the tools and confidence to protect themselves from physical attack, as well as psychological abuse. Each class is tailored for different age groups and levels of experience, allowing participants to learn at a pace that suits them best. The instructors have extensive knowledge on martial arts techniques like Krav Maga, Wing Chun Kung Fu , Karate etc., which they use to teach students how defend against an attacker using blocks or strikes depending upon the situation . With this training program empowering more than 500 people each year across multiple cities in India it has become easier for individuals especially females living alone or travelling solo feel secure about their personal security without having any fear of being attacked anytime anywhere!

Survival Instincts Company, a leader in Women's Workplace Safety trainings in India, provides comprehensive and interactive sessions to help women identify potential risks at the workplace. Participants learn about their rights as employees and how they can respond effectively when faced with difficult situations or harassment. The company also offers customized safety plans for different types of workplaces that include emergency response protocols and self defense techniques tailored specifically for each environment. With Survival Instincts' support, Indian women are better equipped to stay safe while pursuing professional success.

The American Red Cross is a trusted name in first aid training, and Survival Instincts Company offers certified courses for individuals looking to gain the skills necessary to help save lives. These programs are available throughout India, providing an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn essential life saving techniques. Participants will receive comprehensive instruction on topics such as wound care management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking prevention strategies, response steps during emergencies like natural disasters or accidents involving hazardous materials and more. With their certification from the American Red Cross upon completion of any course offered by Survival Instincts Company participants can be sure that they have received quality education with reliable information about how best respond when faced with critical situations requiring medical attention or assistance.

The Emergency First Responder training program by Survival Instincts Company is the perfect way to be prepared for any emergency. This American Red Cross certified course provides comprehensive instruction on how to respond effectively in a wide range of scenarios, such as natural disasters or medical emergencies. The classes are taught by highly trained and experienced professionals who use interactive activities, simulations, and real life case studies to ensure that participants gain valuable knowledge about life saving techniques like CPR AED usage. They also provide hands on experience with first aid kits so students can learn proper wound care methods while being guided through all necessary safety protocols at each step along the way. With this certification from Survival Instincts Company's EFR Program in India, individuals have access to an invaluable set of skills they can rely upon during times of crisis!

Law Enforcement Commando (LEC) training programs by Survival Instincts Company are the most sought after in India. These specialized and intensive courses provide police personnel with essential skills to handle high risk situations, such as hostage rescue operations or terrorist threats. The LEC program is designed for officers who wish to join a Special Weapons And Tactics team, commonly known as SWAT teams across the country. It equips them with advanced tactics that include close quarter battle drills and special weapons handling techniques which help maximize their effectiveness during dangerous missions while minimizing risk of injury or loss of life on both sides involved in an operation.

Survival Instincts Company in India offers a wide range of specialized training courses to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for emergency response. Fire Suppression Training provides instruction on how to respond quickly, safely and effectively during fire emergencies. Technical Rescue Training covers techniques used when responding to high angle rescue scenarios such as rope systems, anchors and belay operations. Structural Collapse Rescue teaches responders how best approach collapsed structures while adhering safety protocols including shoring operations, search patterns victim extrication methods. Aquatic Flood Rescue is dedicated towards swift water rescues which includes boat handling procedures use of personal flotation devices (PFD). With Survival Instinct s comprehensive programs you can be sure that your organization will have personnel prepared for any type of disaster situation they may face!

Survival Instincts Company provides specialized training programs for India's paramilitary forces, including the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Patrol (ITBP) and other Home Ministry controlled security organizations such as the Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Force. These courses are designed to equip personnel with advanced skills in combat tactics, weapons handling, physical fitness drills and more. The company is committed to providing quality instruction that meets international standards of excellence while preserving Indian cultural values. Participants benefit from a range of interactive activities which help them build confidence in their abilities so they can effectively protect our borders against any threats or emergencies that may arise.

Survival Instincts Company offers specialized training programs to equip personnel of National Security Guard (NSG), NSG special action group, NSG special rangers group, Indian Army Paratroopers and the Para Battallion of the Indian Army. Additionally they offer courses for members from other elite forces such as India s MARCOS unit in Navy Garuds force from Air Force Special Group within Research Analysis Wing (RAW) and finally those belonging to Special Frontier Force under Ministry of Defence. These modules are designed by experts keeping in mind various tactical requirements faced during operations undertaken by these highly trained professionals.


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