Deadline Approaching: Internship Applications Closing Soon at Smithsonian Museums!

Discover the Treasures of Knowledge Before It's Too Late Internship Applications Closing Soon!

Don't miss your chance to apply internship applications closing soon!

Time to Apply for Internships at the Smithsonian Museums is Running Out

Time to Apply for Internships at the Smithsonian Museums is Running Out

INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS CLOSING SOON! The archives at the Smithsonian museums have fascinated generations for their treasures of information and knowledge. The developed world considers Smithsonian institutions as an absolute, for experiential learning for individuals and communities at large. But what about the unfortunates who cannot afford the travel? Educational foundations aiming to disperse this wealth of information, invites passionate individuals with journalism, language, literature, and other creative backgrounds to intern with us and prepare an editorial journey encompassing text, photography, and videography content to spread the experiential learning at the various Smithsonian institutes in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Selected editorials will be forwarded to be published in leading journals including, but not limited to, UNESCO, UNICEF, National Geographic, Traveller and more. Express your creativity and help spread this wealth of knowledge to the next generations. Interns will be reimbursed for minimum 50% of their expenses. Higher reimbursements for candidates with merit and accomplishments. Travel to and stay in Metro Washington DC area will be required during the period of the internships. Preliminary arrangements can be made by the Survival Instincts trust - however extended stay must be arranged on arrival by the interns themselves. Internship periods can range anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Foreign students, and recent graduates with appropriate backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Editorials may be created in any of the official six languages of the UN - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Message us (inbox) your resume and a statement of purpose, explaining your interests, skills and what makes you suitable to succeed in this internship.

The time to apply for an internship at the Smithsonian museums is quickly coming to a close. These internships offer invaluable learning opportunities and experiences that could be life changing. Participants get hands on experience in their chosen field, from curation of artifacts to administrative work related tasks, while being part of one of the most renowned institutions around the world. The knowledge gained here can open up many career doors as well as give students a unique perspective on history and culture through its vast collections stored within these walls. With only limited spots available it's important not miss out this chance so make sure you submit your application before they are gone!

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